How Fidelity Manages Asset Allocation Funds

Building and maintaining a properly diversified investment portfolio amid today's dynamic market environment can be overwhelming for even seasoned investors. Today more than ever, a one-stop approach to portfolio diversification may be your best choice.

Reasons to consider asset allocation investing at Fidelity

  • Asset allocation funds simplify the task of monitoring your investments
  • Experienced portfolio managers relieve you of having to select investments, and they combine investments in appropriate ways to help meet your goals
  • Regular rebalancing by the managers helps your portfolio stay on track, regardless of market activity

Types of asset allocation funds

We offer various types of asset allocation funds to serve different investment needs. While each fund is a little different, they are all backed by our steadfast commitment to research and careful adherence to strategic goals and principles.

Balanced Allocation Designed to provide modest growth and below-average risk
Target Date Asset allocation dynamically shifts to reduce your risk the closer you get to your horizon date
Target Risk Designed to maintain a specific asset allocation and risk level
Income and Real Return Designed to address key income needs