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Our Learning Center offers lessons to help you better understand a wide range of basic investing topics, from diversification to mutual funds and fixed income products.

Tax-smart investing seminar

Understand the impact of taxes on your portfolio and identify strategies to help you plan for them.
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The essentials of investing for retirement (2:33)
Learn three key concepts that can help you build a successful retirement portfolio, and help you determine which types of mutual funds to consider.

Why diversification matters
This practice is designed to help reduce volatility over time by spreading your investments around to limit exposure to any one type of asset.

Financial planning through the lens of disciplined investing (3:08)
See how you can use disciplined investing to stay on track with your financial goals, even when faced with market volatility or personal situations.

Learn about mutual funds
Whatever your investment goal, mutual funds have the potential to play an important role in every portfolio. Find out how.

Single fund strategies
Understanding how to buy a diversified portfolio through a single fund can be a way to simplify your financial life.

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What we offer

Fidelity Freedom® Funds
Tailor your investments to a retirement date with a diversified asset allocation strategy that becomes more conservative over time.

Help Finding Funds
Let Fidelity select and monitor your investments for you with our single fund strategies, such as Fidelity Asset Manager® Funds and Fidelity Income Replacement FundsSM.