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Save money, earn rewards, build confidence

Fidelity Bloom℠ is a free financial app and debit card with automated cash rewards to help you build long-lasting habits. To get started, we'll give you $50 once you deposit $25 or more.1

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Automatically earn rewards!

  • Receive a 10% match2 from Fidelity—on your first $300 of deposits into your Fidelity Bloom Save account.
  • Earn a 10-cent reward into your Fidelity Bloom Save account every time you use your Fidelity Bloom debit card.
  • Take advantage of other exclusive opportunities to earn more.

Get cash back

Receive up to 25%3 cash back into your Fidelity Bloom Save account when you shop in-app with 1,100+ participating retailers.

Simplify your saving

Get the support and reassurance needed to help make saving feel automatic. Track your saving progress in Fidelity Bloom Save. And use Fidelity Bloom Spend as your go-to spending account to earn rewards.

Research shows that you're more likely to have a greater awareness of your finances, and less likely to move money, when you have separate accounts for saving and spending.

Common questions

  • What is Fidelity Bloom℠?

    The Fidelity Bloom mobile app combines behavioral science with built-in features to help you grow your savings and change your money habits.

    You'll open 2 Fidelity brokerage accounts, Fidelity Bloom Spend and Fidelity Bloom Save. You'll also receive a debit card that automatically sweeps your earnings and rewards into Fidelity Bloom Save. Brokerage accounts are not bank accounts.

  • Why do I have 2 separate accounts in Fidelity Bloom℠?

    Research shows that you're more likely to have a greater awareness of your finances, and less likely to move money, when you have separate accounts for saving and spending. Fidelity Bloom is designed with behavioral science principles to help you spend more mindfully and save more successfully.

  • What types of accounts are Fidelity Bloom℠ Save and Fidelity Bloom℠ Spend?

    Fidelity Bloom Save and Fidelity Bloom Spend accounts are brokerage accounts with limited features available through the app so we can focus on helping you build positive saving habits. You may access a broader set of brokerage account features by logging into your account on or the Fidelity App.

    Fidelity Bloom accounts are brokerage accounts covered by SIPC insurance. They are not bank accounts and therefore are not covered by FDIC insurance. Holdings in your Fidelity Bloom accounts are subject to market risk and risk of loss.

  • Which Fidelity accounts are eligible for the $50 offer?

    The following individual accounts are eligible to receive the $25 deposit for the offer.:

    • The Fidelity Bloom℠ Spend Account®
    • The Fidelity Bloom℠ Save Account®

    Deposits can be made to either account as long as the total deposit amount between the two accounts equals $25 or more.

    Accounts that are opened with a Fidelity representative or outside of the Fidelity Bloom mobile app are not eligible.

  • Is everyone eligible for this $50 offer?

    Some individuals may not be eligible. Reasons for ineligibility include, but are not limited to:

    • Limited to one offer per customer.
    • Fidelity employees aren't eligible.
    • Non-US residents aren't eligible.
    • Persons employed by FINRA or a securities organization in a regulatory capacity aren't eligible.
  • What is round up?

    Round Up is a feature of the Fidelity Bloom℠ debit card. It rounds up your purchase to the next full dollar amount and automatically transfers the "spare change" from your Fidelity Bloom Spend account to your Fidelity Bloom Save account.

    When you sign up with Fidelity Bloom, you're automatically opted into Round Up. If you close your Fidelity Bloom Save and/or Fidelity Bloom Spend account, Round Up functionality will no longer work.

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