Living in Retirement: Stay Focused on Your Goals

Check in on a regular basis

Even after you've retired, staying engaged in your portfolio with regular check-ins—as your needs change, the market changes, or other factors influence your objectives—is an important part of maintaining your retirement strategy and making your money last. By using our time-saving tools and services, you can help keep your portfolio aligned with your goals, with plenty of time left to enjoy your retirement.

  • On your schedule – Sign up for custom alertsLog In Required for account and trade activity, money movement, bond and CD maturity, and much more.
  • Every 6 months – Make sure your portfolio matches your current situation and target asset allocation.
  • Every 12 months or if your situation changes – Reassess your budget and expenses from the past year.
  • Every few years or if your situation changes – Review your will and estate plan. It’s critical that you have an up-to-date plan when your money is passed down to your heirs.

Customer stories: A Granddad finds his someday

Dudley thought his finances wouldn't let him move closer to his grandkids. Fidelity helped him find a way.

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