Fidelity Simplicity RMD FundsSM

Take the guesswork out of required minimum distributions (RMDs)1 by pairing a professionally managed, age-appropriate asset allocation fund with our automated annual RMD withdrawal service.

Why Simplicity RMD FundsSM

Managing your annual RMDs can be a complex process, with significant tax implications and potential penalties at stake. Fidelity's Simplicity RMD Funds can help simplify the process.

As millions of Americans age 722 and older take RMDs from tax-deferred retirement account(s) annually, as mandated by the IRS, it is important that you thoughtfully approach key decisions such as which investments to sell and how to invest your savings.

Fidelity's Simplicity RMD Funds can:

• Take the guesswork out of difficult investor decisions through a diversified, age-appropriate asset allocation mix that regularly re-balances.

• Combine with Fidelity's automatic withdrawal service to support RMD withdrawal calculations and distributions.

• Allow you to consolidate assets in your retirement account into a single fund strategy that can simplify and streamline RMDs.

Choosing a Simplicity RMD Fund

Consider the fund that most closely aligns with the year you turn 70.

As you get older and your RMD withdrawal rate increases, the equity allocation in your Simplicity RMD Fund is designed to decrease and the fund will become more conservative until it reaches an allocation similar to that of the Simplicity RMD Income Fund.

Next steps

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Find the fund that most closely aligns with the year you turn 70.

Set up automatic withdrawalsLog In Required

Simplify your RMDs by letting Fidelity help ensure you meet IRS requirements and deadlines.

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