Fidelity Simplicity RMD FundsSM

Take the guesswork out of required minimum distributions (RMDs) for certain types of retirement accounts* by pairing a professionally managed, age-appropriate asset allocation fund with our automated annual RMD withdrawal service.

A single, diversified fund option for RMDs

Managing your annual RMDs can be a complex process, with significant tax implications and potential penalties at stake. Fidelity's Simplicity RMD Funds can help you simplify the entire process.

These funds are designed for investors approaching age 70½ and above who turned age 70 in or within a few years of the horizon date and plan to gradually withdraw the value of their account in the fund over time (in accordance with minimum distribution requirements as mandated by the IRS).

  • Funds are specifically designed for the year investors begin taking RMDs
  • Asset allocation automatically becomes more conservative over time
  • Withdrawals can be automated to meet RMDs when paired with Fidelity's automatic withdrawal service

Choosing a Simplicity RMD Fund

Consider the fund that closely aligns with the year you turn 70, as initial RMDs are required starting at age 70 ½.

Fund Birth Date
Fidelity Simplicity RMD Income Fund (FIRNX) 12/31/1932 and earlier
Fidelity Simplicity RMD 2005 Fund (FIRPX) 1/1/1933–12/31/1937
Fidelity Simplicity RMD 2010 Fund (FIRRX) 1/1/1938–12/31/1942
Fidelity Simplicity RMD 2015 Fund (FIRUX) 1/1/1943–12/31/1947
Fidelity Simplicity RMD 2020 Fund (FIRWX) 1/1/1948–12/31/1952

Select each fund for information on fees and performance.

As you get older and your RMD withdrawal rate increases, the equity allocation in your Simplicity RMD Fund—for example Fidelity Simplicity RMD 2020 (FIRWX) is designed to decrease and the fund will become more conservative until it reaches an allocation similar to that of the Simplicity RMD Income Fund into which it will ultimately merge.

The fund is designed primarily for investors who seek to convert accumulated assets into regular payments over time. A shareholder's participation in the systematic withdrawal plan will result in the gradual withdrawal of the value of the shareholder's account in the fund.

Why Simplicity RMD Funds

As you prepare for annual RMDs, the choices you make can impact you in the long-term. You can also incur significant penalties (per IRS regulations) for not withdrawing enough. When combined with our automatic withdrawal system, a Simplicity RMD Fund can automate this entire process.

Uses actively managed, age-appropriate asset allocation to seek long-term performance

Removes difficult investor decisions, such as what positions to sell and how to invest assets during retirement

Lets you consolidate assets into one retirement account as a single fund strategy for RMDs

Next steps

After buying a fund or opening an account, you'll be able to set up your personal withdrawal service for automatic RMD withdrawals.

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