Looking for Income and Capital Appreciation?

The flexible approach of the Fidelity® Capital & Income Fund might be a strategy to consider.

The Fidelity Capital & Income Fund (FAGIX) invests primarily in bonds issued by non-investment grade companies. However, in the search for income and total return, fund management also has the flexibility to invest in stocks and other types of income-generating securities based on market outlook, becoming more defensive or opportunistic as conditions warrant.

Finding value through a range of attractive securities

  • Flexible yet disciplined investment approach, backed by Fidelity's in-depth research, allows the fund to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities.
  • Exposure to stocks offers the potential for capital appreciation and diversification when compared to holding bonds exclusively.
  • Potential for higher income and lower interest rate risk may be an advantage over conventional investment grade bond funds, although volatility may be higher.

Fidelity fund manager insights

cap-income-mgr-insights-video Hear Portfolio Manager Mark Notkin discuss the Fidelity Capital & Income Fund, and his investment philosophy.

Watch the video (4:01)