Thematic investing: Fidelity sustainable investing

Fidelity's sustainable investing funds enable you to align your investment objectives with long-term trends considered important to the overall sustainability of a business, such as sound business practices and governance.

Sustainable investing with Fidelity

Sustainable investing provides a way to invest in strategies using a disciplined evaluation of one or all of these considerations:

  • Environmental themes, such as investing in companies that are responding to consumer demand for sustainable practices
  • Social themes, such as investing in companies committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Governance themes, such as investing in companies committed to diverse board composition, strong oversight, and shareholder friendly policies

Two-thirds of retail customers say social impact is key to their investing decisions1, according to Fidelity research.

181 CEOs from some of America’s largest companies have committed to lead their companies for the benefit of ALL stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders.2

Fidelity's sustainable investing options

Learn about our sustainable investing funds and the types of companies and markets they invest in.

Sustainable Thematic
Focuses on long-term themes broadly tied to specific areas of sustainability

Fidelity® Water Sustainability Fund (FLOWX)

Invests in companies helping to deliver safe, reliable, and easily accessible water.

Fidelity® Women's Leadership Fund (FWOMX)

Invests in companies that prioritize and advance women’s leadership and development.

Fidelity® Environment & Alternative Energy Fund (FSLEX)

Focuses on alternative and renewable energy, energy efficiency, pollution control, water infrastructure, waste and recycling technologies, or other environmental support services.

Sustainable Integration
Incorporates ESG factors explicitly into investment decisions to help better identify risks and opportunities

Fidelity® US Sustainability Index Fund (FITLX)

A US equity index fund tracking a benchmark that targets companies with high ESG ratings, while maintaining broad market exposure.

Fidelity® International Sustainability Index Fund (FNIDX)

Invests tracking an international stock benchmark that targets companies with high ESG ratings, while maintaining broad market exposure.

Fidelity® Sustainability Bond Index Fund (FNDSX)

A bond index fund tracking a benchmark that comprises investment-grade government, corporate, and asset-backed securities from issuers with strong sustainability profiles.

Thought leadership

Investing in women
Allows investors committed to gender diversity to align their investments with their values.

Investing with a purpose
Watch portfolio manager Nicole Connolly discuss ESG investing and the Women's Leadership fund.

To invest responsibly, we believe it’s critical to effectively incorporate ESG into our investment process. Our report shares Fidelity’s values, processes, and commitments to ESG to help manage our customers’ assets.

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