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The communication services sector is now among the top 5 largest sectors,1 inclusive of some of the biggest digital companies.

Sector investing: Why communication services

Fidelity believes that the communication services sector could be poised for growth. This sector combines the power of the internet, mobile gaming, streaming, and media companies with telecommunications services. Bringing these industries together may help you strengthen your portfolio.

Gain the benefits of investing in some of the largest social media, search, and internet companies with strong growth potential.

1 week of broadband traffic in 2008 is the equivalent of 1 hour of traffic in 2018.2

Increase exposure across industries to help manage risk, blending historically more cyclical internet-related services investments with typically more defensive telecom investments.

The largest video services provider has nearly 150 million subscribers, which is 5 times more than the largest legacy TV company.3

Fidelity brings choice

Benefit from zero minimums to invest and the lowest-cost sector ETF4 in the industry.5

Zero minimums to invest
Fidelity® Select Communication Services Portfolio6 (FBMPX)

Lowest-cost sector ETF
Fidelity® MSCI Communication Services Index ETF (FCOM)

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