Navigating life events

Your financial needs are going to change throughout your life, and you never know what surprises are around the corner. Learn what you need to know to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Tips for singles

If you're single, or dealing with the breakup of a marriage or death of a spouse, you want to be as prepared as possible to deal with the financial impact and get back on your feet.

Home buying

The biggest purchase of your life might be a house, so it's important to understand the home-buying process and make smart decisions.

Prepare for the unexpected

Even if you do your best to plan, sometimes life has some surprises in store. You do not have to get derailed from your goals if you learn what you can do about financial emergencies.

Aging and caregiving

As you or your loved ones get older, your financial needs may change, but this doesn't have to create any money issues if you are prepared.

Building your family

With children, come many new responsibilities and expenses. Here are ways to better plan for your changing family.

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