Your Fidelity Account®

Your Fidelity Account works alongside your company’s stock plan to hold your shares and cash. When it comes to accessing your account, you have optional choices—including an ATM/debit card, money transfers, online bill paying, and checkwriting. You can also leave your cash in your account and invest it for potential future growth.

Cash in today or invest for tomorrow

Looking to make a purchase soon? Or planning for something further down the road? You can sell shares to get cash to use now—or invest that cash and potentially grow it for something special in the future.

Sell some of—or all—your shares by submitting a trade request to Fidelity.

In your Fidelity Account®, you can invest in a wide range of investment choices for potential future growth.

Easily transfer money between your Fidelity Account® and other accounts at Fidelity or elsewhere.

Reinvestment of company stock dividends

A dividend is a payment made by a company to share its profits with its shareholders. If your company stock pays a dividend, it goes into your Fidelity Account® as cash by default. But you could use that money to purchase more shares of company stock or other investments to help keep it invested and working for you.

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Customize your Fidelity Account®

It’s more than just a place where stock plan shares and cash are held—it’s a full-feature brokerage account that helps you save, spend, and invest. You can deposit money, invest in a wide range of investments for potential growth, or tap into your cash by using an ATM/debit card, writing a check, and even paying bills online.

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Designate a beneficiary1

It helps ensure the assets in your Fidelity Account® are distributed according to your wishes. Any shares you own, cash from selling shares, or other personal investments will be inherited by the beneficiary you choose.2 A few minutes spent now can make it easier for your beneficiary to receive your assets during a difficult time.

Review or update your beneficiary Log In Required

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Committed to your security

We safeguard your accounts with strong encryption, firewalls, secure email, and proactive 24/7 system surveillance.


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