Stock plan awards

Receiving a stock plan award from your company is something to be proud of. It’s recognition of the value seen in you now and in the future. Get to know how your award works and the potential financial benefits it can bring.

Stock awards at a glance

There are many types of stock awards and they all work a bit differently. Find your award type below and learn about the key steps that occur throughout its lifecycle. If you’re not sure which type of award you received, log in to Fidelity NetBenefits® Log In Required and look for your stock plan on the home page.

Restricted stock units

An award of stock units that is restricted until vesting requirements are met. Your company then distributes the value as either shares or cash.

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Performance awards

An award of stock or units that is restricted until vesting requirements are met and may be adjusted based on company-established performance goals.

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Stock options

An award that gives you the ability to purchase shares of company stock at a specified price for a fixed period of time.

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Restricted stock awards

An award of stock that is restricted until vesting requirements are met. Your company then distributes shares.

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Stock appreciation rights

An award that gives you the ability to receive shares or cash equal in value to the appreciation of company stock over a set period of time.

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What happens once your award vests?

First, you celebrate! Then, you'll want to know what you got and how to access it. These videos show how your award's value "moves" into your Fidelity Account®, the impact of taxes on your distribution, and how to access the shares or cash in your account.

See what your stock is worth

Your stock benefits can really add up. To see how much you could expect and when it’s coming, view your total award value and distribution details. Then let the goal planning begin.

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