Withdraw Money From Your Fidelity Accounts

Here's your guide to our most popular topics on withdrawing and transferring money from your accounts.

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Send or transfer money from Fidelity*

Select your preferred method:

When selecting your method, consider the delivery times and possible fees associated with the type of transfer.

Take money out of an IRA (Traditional, Rollover, or Roth) or take a required minimum distribution (RMD)

Select your age group to get started:

Different rules, taxes, and penalties may apply to your withdrawal based on your age, the reason for the withdrawal, and the type of IRA (Traditional, Rollover, or Roth).

If you have an Inherited IRA, review the RMD Rules for Inherited IRAs before taking your withdrawal.

Have money withdrawn automatically on a preset date

Visit Automatic WithdrawalsLog In Required to set up and schedule automatic withdrawals from your eligible accounts.

You can select the schedule and amount that fits your needs.

If the withdrawal date falls on a holiday or weekend, then your withdrawal is initiated on the business day before your selected date.

Take money out of a 529 college savings plan

Visit How to Take Distributions From Your 529 College Savings Plan for complete instructions on how to pay tuition and other school bills.

Transfer money online from your 529 plan to another Fidelity account or to your bank account with our easy-to-use transfer tool.

Use Fidelity BillPay® to send a check directly to yourself, your beneficiary, directly to the school or to another third party.

Take money out of a 401(k) plan

If your plan is at Fidelity, log in to NetBenefitsLog In Required to review your balances and contributions. Enter the username and password you use for your other Fidelity accounts.

Rules about loans and withdrawals vary from plan to plan.

Please call your employer or plan administrator to review your plan's guidelines for loans or withdrawals.

Pay bills

Visit How to Set Up and Use BillPay on Your Account to learn how to pay bills using cash from your eligible Fidelity accounts.

You can add payees and make payments right away, as well as request reminder emails when payments are due or sent.

Pay bills on your mobile device with Fidelity Mobile® Apps.

Frequently asked questions

* This does not include withdrawals or distributions from 529 college savings plans.