How hold times and processing periods affect the status of your transfer

When you need to transfer money, you'll want to factor in any processing or hold periods to make sure you get your money on time. The amount of money you transfer, and the method you choose, can impact how long it takes for money to be ready to use in your account.

If you use our most common transfer method, electronic funds transfers (EFTs), when you transfer money from your bank to Fidelity through the Fidelity website or mobile app, your money will go through a processing and hold period before it is available in your account.

What is a processing period?

The processing period is the time it takes for Fidelity to receive the money that's been requested. This period is often less than 24 hours if transfers are placed before 4 p.m. ET on a business day. Once your transfer processes, you can use your money to trade,1 but you won’t be able to withdraw or transfer funds to other accounts until after the hold period, if one applies.

What is a hold period?

The hold period is the temporary hold Fidelity places on your funds to help reduce the risk of fraud. Hold times often vary based on the amount you are transferring. After the hold time is complete, your funds will be fully available to transfer or withdraw. Your personalized hold periods are displayed in the Transfer experience at the time you start a transfer.

Transfer times at Fidelity

If you submit your transfer by 4 p.m. ET on a business day, you can expect the delivery times below. After 4 p.m. ET, or on weekends, your transfers will typically process the next business day. For transfers to a Fidelity Crypto® account, allow 1–3 business days. Use the following chart to determine what method bests fits your needs.

Transfers into a Fidelity account

Amount Processing time Hold time
$250 or less Same day 3–5 business days
More than $250 Same day 5–7 business days
Up to $500 Within minutes n/a

Trades: Up to $25,000 on day of deposit (if submitted before 4 p.m. ET on a business day)2

Withdrawals & transfers: Available after hold time

Available for Fidelity Crypto®: Within 1–3 business days

Transfers out of a Fidelity account

Method Processing time
Electronic funds transfer to your bank 1–3 business days
Bank wire to your bank Same day1
Paper check 5–6 days
Digital payments (Venmo/PayPal) Same day1

Transfers from one Fidelity account to another

Method Processing time
Transfer between Fidelity accounts Within minutes

What’s the fastest way to get money from my bank to Fidelity?

Two of the fastest ways to transfer money into Fidelity are to send a bank wire, or to send an EFT from your bank to Fidelity. Bank wires have no hold times and are available almost instantly, but your bank may charge a fee (Fidelity doesn't charge wire fees). EFTs sent from your bank to Fidelity will generally take 1–2 days for processing but have no hold period at Fidelity when it arrives.

While time is often a primary factor in which transfer method you use, other factors might contribute to your choice. You can find more information about these two quick and common transfer methods on our EFT and bank wire comparison page

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