529 plan FAQs: About the portfolios and investments

  • How do I choose my investments?

    It's important to choose an investment mix that you'll be able to live with—one that won't keep you up at night when market volatility strikes. But it should also provide the potential for growth that will help you reach your goals. Investors have historically balanced those needs by investing in age-based mutual fund portfolios that include a blend of stocks, bonds, and short-term investments that adjust over time to grow more conservative as the child nears college age.

    Read more about the investment options Fidelity offers: 529 plan investment options

  • Can I change how my account is invested?

    Yes, you can change the investment instructions on any new deposits made to the account at any time.

    But, per IRS rules, you can only change your current investments twice per calendar year—or if you change beneficiaries—without incurring taxes.

    To find out more, visit the 529 plan investment options page.

    To make changes to your current and future investments, read How to change your 529 plan's investment instructions.

    You can also download the Investment instructions—529 college savings plan (PDF) or call 800-544-1914.

  • Can I pick the investments for my account?

    You can pick an investment portfolio but, due to IRS rules, you can't choose individual investments, mutual funds, or ETFs in a 529 plan. Your options include a variety of portfolios that hold a combination of mutual funds. To see a list of mutual funds in each portfolio, visit the plan performance page for your 529 plan.

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