Recurring investments

Set your investing on repeat

Now it's easier than ever to help grow your portfolio automatically with recurring investments at Fidelity.

Use recurring investments to help you reach your goals

Set yourself up for success by making regular investments easy. Dollar-cost averaging1 can help mitigate market timing risk.

Breadth of recurring transactions

Choose recurring investments in stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and Fidelity Basket Portfolios directly from your Fidelity account or your bank.

On your schedule

Set the amounts, frequency, and timing of your recurring investments, and change them whenever you need to.

Flexibility at no cost2

Easily manage your recurring investments and transfers in one place, for free. No commissions for online US stock and ETF trades.3

Easier than ever

One-stop management

Create and manage your recurring investments and transfers easily, all in one place. Select your accounts and set your transactions for the amount, frequency, and day of your choosing.

Harness the power of recurring investments

Build a lasting routine

Apply the principles of seasoned investors for potential growth. Recurring investments can help you benefit from the potential of compounding returns to help grow your portfolio over time.

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Help manage volatility

Investing the same amount at regular intervals (dollar-cost averaging) can help reduce the impact of volatility over time. And that may mean worrying less about timing the market while you work toward your growth goals.

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Use baskets for efficiency

Fidelity Basket Portfolios let you create baskets of stocks and ETFs that you can manage as one investment. Adding recurring investments to baskets can help make it even easier to reach your goals.

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Start an investing routine that can last

Set up automatic trades of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, or baskets to invest regularly and help grow your portfolio.

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