Spend & Save FAQs: Payment Services

Bill Pay

  • What is Bill Pay?

    Bill Pay is an online service that allows you to receive and pay eBills (electronic bills) from participating billers, pay one-time and automatic bills, review payment history, and set up bill reminders. Since you no longer have to write checks or pay for postage stamps, Bill Pay saves you time and money.

  • Is there a fee for using Bill Pay?

    For Fidelity customers, there is no charge or fee associated with Bill Pay.

  • What are the requirements to establish a Bill Pay account?

    To establish a Bill Pay account, you must have a Fidelity non-retirement brokerage account (with an individual, joint, estate, or trust registration), a health savings account (HSA), or a 529 college savings account.

    Note: Portfolio Advisory Services accounts are not eligible.

  • How do I establish a Bill Pay account?

    To establish a Bill Pay account, go to Bill PayLog In Required under Accounts & Trade in the main navigation of Fidelity.com. Then follow the instructions.

  • How do I contact Fidelity for help with Bill Pay?

    To contact us regarding Bill Pay enrollment, call a representative at 800-343-3548. Representatives are available to answer your questions 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • Why am I not seeing one or more of my Fidelity accounts?

    In order to be used to pay bills using Bill Pay, an account must meet certain requirements. If you have an account at Fidelity that does not meet these qualifications, you won't see it under your Account selector. Here's a list of requirements an account must meet:

    • An account must be a brokerage account or cash management account.
    • An account must be a taxable registration. No IRAs or other account types may be used.
    • An account can be an individual, joint, or trust account.
    • 529 college savings and health savings accounts can be used, but bear in mind that certain restrictions apply regarding the expenses they can be used to pay.
    • Managed accounts and managed account services, such as Fidelity® Go, Fidelity® Personalized Planning and Advice, Fidelity® Wealth Services, or Fidelity® Strategic Disciplines are not eligible for the Bill Pay service.