Connect your Fidelity account or cards to payment apps

You can send and receive money with your Fidelity accounts using a variety of on-the-go services. Payment apps are an easy, secure, and private way to transfer money into your account or to pay friends, family, or businesses.

Person-to-person money transfer and payment options

  Device How it works Transfer money to Fidelity
PayPal® AndroidTM Apple You can use PayPal to transfer money into your eligible Fidelity accounts and send money to others. Go to or the PayPal mobile app to add your Fidelity account using your account and routing numberLog In Required. Once your account setup is complete, you can initiate a money transfer to Fidelity from PayPal, or send money to the PayPal account of a friend, family member, or business from Fidelity.comLog In Required or the Fidelity mobile app. check
Venmo® Android, Apple There are a few ways you can connect Venmo to your eligible Fidelity accounts:
  1. Link to your Fidelity® Debit Card.
  2. Manually enter your routing and account informationLog In Required.
  3. Send money directly to Venmo accounts via the Fidelity App. All of these methods to connect to Venmo are explained here.
Apple Pay® Cash Apple® From the Apple Pay Cash app, use your Fidelity account and routing numberLog In Required OR your Fidelity debit or credit cards to link to your Fidelity account to send and receive funds between the app and your account. check
Square Cash Android, Apple From the Square Cash app, link to a Fidelity account using a Fidelity debit or credit card to send money only. You'll be able to receive funds to your Fidelity account from the app soon. --

Note: When connecting to an app via a Fidelity account and routing number, the app will refer to UMB Bank, our banking partner.

Digital wallets

Add your Fidelity® Rewards Visa Signature® Card and Fidelity® Debit Card to your digital wallet for a safe, convenient, and easy way to pay.

Wallet Device Credit card Debit card Support
Apple Pay Apple check check About Apple Pay
Google Pay™ Android check check About Google Pay
Samsung Pay® Android check X About Samsung Pay

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