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Cash Management FAQs: Full View®

Full View®

  • What is Full View®?

    Full View® helps customers manage their personal finances by bringing their online financial accounts, including investment, bank, and credit card accounts, onto a single, fully customizable web page. There is no need to remember a variety of website addresses and unique login credentials; Full View stores that information for you, enabling you to access information for all of your enrolled accounts securely through Fidelity.com.

    With Full View, you can see your complete financial picture, including a snapshot of your net worth. In addition to your account balances, we’ve also added the following features:

    • Alerts to help you monitor the activity on your accounts, available in the Alerts inbox
    • Home values and home equity charts that are automatically updated as valuations change, available in the Real Estate section
    • Budget/Reporting Tools to set budget goals and run a variety of reports
    • Categorization of transactions to better track spending
    • Storage of transaction history for 24 months
    • A calendar feature that shows your transactions in a monthly calendar format
    • The ability to create account groups

    Full View is compatible with several of Fidelity’s portfolio guidance tools, enabling you to import your Fidelity and non-Fidelity account information so you can easily review your financial picture and make informed decisions.

  • How does Full View® work?

    With Full View®, you select institutions where you hold an online account and enter your login credentials for those sites. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can add. Each day Full View scans the sites you’ve entered and brings the updated information into a single location on Fidelity.com and NetBenefits.com.

    Full View helps you better manage your finances by allowing you to view balances, transactions, and account information for all of your enrolled accounts using reporting tools, charts, tables, and alerts. To get started, sign up for Full View.

  • What information can I access?

    Full View® currently offers access to over 12,000 leading websites, and the list is growing every day. At this time Full View only supports information that is accessible via an online account or web page. To suggest a site that is not currently on Full View, please contact Fidelity.

    Additionally, if you own an account which is not accessible via the web, you may add it as a custom account on Full View in order to keep track of all your accounts on one page.

  • Can I pay my bills through Full View®?

    No, Full View® will enable you to view your bills and information from bill payment services—such as BillPay® — all in one place, but you cannot pay your bills through Full View.

  • Is there a charge for Full View®?

    No, Full View® is a free service available exclusively to Fidelity customers.

  • Which browsers support Full View®?

    Full View® supports these browsers and operating systems:

    Browser Windows 7 Vista XP Mac OS X
    IE 9 Full

    IE 8 Full Compatible Full  
    IE 7

    Firefox 16.0 Full Compatible Functional
    Firefox 15.0 Full Compatible Functional
    Chrome 23.0 Full
    Full  Functional
    Safari 6       Full

    Full = All functionality and formats work properly.

    Functional = Core functionality and major features work as designed. Some minor features may not work properly.

    Compatible = Core functionality and major features work as designed although some may not.

  • Can I download Full View® data to another program?

    Yes, you can download transactions data from Full View® to Excel (csv/xls).

  • How secure and private is Full View®?

    Fidelity is committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy for your personal information. All data is secured within Fidelity, so we can provide you with the security and privacy you have come to trust and expect from Fidelity.

    Our commitment to privacy is reflected in our privacy statement. Fidelity does not use non-Fidelity information without giving you a choice. If you subscribe to Full View through Fidelity.com, you can opt out of Fidelity’s messages and product and service offers by going to Full View Account Maintenance. If you register for the Full View® service through NetBenefits, Fidelity will only use your account information from third-party sites to furnish and support the service, or in Fidelity planning tools and calculators, at your option.


Thank you for choosing the Fidelity® Cash Management Account