Spend & Save FAQs: Full View®

Full View®

  • What is Full View®?

    Full View can help you manage your personal finances by bringing your online financial accounts (including investment, bank, credit card, loan, mortgage, and insurance accounts) onto a single, fully customizable view. It's powered by eMoney Advisor, LLC, a Fidelity company, which stores a variety of website addresses and unique login credentials, enabling you to access information for all of your enrolled accounts.

    With Full View, you can see your financial picture in one place, including a snapshot of your net worth. In addition to your account balances, we've also added the following features:

    • Mobile view to use Full View on any device at any time*
    • Budget/reporting tools to set budget goals and run a variety of reports
    • Categorization of transactions to help you track your spending

    Full View is compatible with several of Fidelity's portfolio guidance tools, enabling you to import your Fidelity and non-Fidelity account information to easily review your financial picture.

  • How does Full View® work?

    Choose institutions where you hold an online account and enter your login credentials for those sites. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can add. Each day Full View, powered by eMoney Advisor, LLC, scans the sites you've entered and brings the updated information into a single location.

    Full View helps you better manage your finances by allowing you to view balances, transactions, and account information for all of your enrolled accounts using reporting tools, charts, and tables. To get started, sign up for Full ViewLog In Required.

  • What information can I access?

    Full View® currently offers access to thousands of websites, and the list is growing every day. At this time Full View only supports information that is accessible via an online account or web site. To suggest a site that is not currently on Full View, please contact us.

    In addition, if you own an account which is not accessible online, you may add it as a manual account on Full View to keep track of all your accounts on one page. Note that you'll need to update any manual accounts yourself.

  • Can I pay my bills through Full View®?

    No, you cannot pay your bills, move money, or perform any other transactions through Full View. Full View is a view-only service that lets you to track your spending all in one place. If you are interested in a bill payment solution, then consider Bill Pay.

  • Is there a charge for Full View®?

    No, there is no fee or charge for using Full View.