Starting Out: Invest Early and Prioritize

Invest now, thank yourself later

At this stage in life, you probably have a lot of competing financial priorities. You might be paying off debt, saving for a first home, or starting a business or a family. Still, the advantages of saving towards retirement early, while balancing your other goals, cannot be overstated.

Fidelity believes you should consider:

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Maximizing your employer match.
Make sure you are taking full advantage of employer matching contributions to your workplace savings plan.

Using tax-advantaged savings plans.
Save as much as you can through tax-advantaged accounts (maximize contributions to your workplace savings plan and then open an IRA).

Prioritizing other financial goals.
Address your other savings goals (e.g., child’s college savings) after you have set up your retirement savings strategy.

Consolidating old workplace savings plans if you change jobs, to keep better track of your money.
For many, consolidating into an IRA offers the most compelling benefits.*

Establishing an automatic investment plan.
Scheduling regular, automatic transfers to your investment account can help keep your savings goals on track.

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