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Social influencer Rod Thill is back in Bright Ideas season two! Join Rod as he speaks with Fidelity professionals to demystify market complexities and highlight key investing strategies. Each episode breaks down a different topic, from investing fundamentals to exploring opportunities in disruptive tech, giving you insight and know-how as you work toward to your own financial goals.

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ABCs of Investing

Start with the basics and learn the fundamentals, including types of investing vehicles and how they’re managed.

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What are mutual funds? 

Mutual funds vs. ETFs: Which is right for you?

Stocks, ETFs, mutual funds: How do I decide which is right for me? 

Weathering the Storm

Get to know risk-management strategies and how diversification can help smooth out a bumpy ride.

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The guide to diversification 

Quarterly market update 

Putting the Income in Fixed Income

Help make your savings work a little harder with multi-asset income investing.

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A recession-ready income strategy 

Help Boost Your Strategy with Sectors

Learn how to target specific sectors based on market conditions and your own knowledge and research.

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Investment research update 

Investing in Disruptive Technology

Get in on the ground floor of tomorrow and discover opportunities in disruptive technology.

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Tech: Big trends to watch 

The AI Investing boom 

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