Your employee stock-purchase plan:
Invest like a boss

When you buy company stock, you're more than an employee—you're an owner. Looking to see how ESPPs can work for you? We can help.

An ESPP lets you:

Cash it out and use the money for short- and long-term goals
Put it toward a house, a new car—just about anything. Pay down debt, boost your retirement savings—it's up to you.

Buy at a potential discount
You may be able to pay less and get more. Sometimes you can even buy at a lower past price if the stock has gone up.

Decide how much to put aside
It's easy with automatic payroll deductions.

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Have an ESPP, but not enrolled?

If your employer’s ESPP is administered by Fidelity Stock Plan Services, log in to Fidelity NetBenefits® now. If you’re eligible and an enrollment window is open, you’ll see "Enroll" next to your ESPP's name.

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Learn more about ESPPs

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