Get more from your credit card

To help you maximize the benefits of your Fidelity Rewards® Visa Signature® Card, we've put together a list below of key actions we think every cardholder should consider. These aren't the full suite of features available to you but they'll give you a great start with your card.

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Enroll in AutoPay

When you enroll in AutoPay, you'll never have to worry about missing your credit card's payment due date. Just set it and forget it. Simply specify the amount and day you want to pay automatically each month.
Set up AutoPay

Make the most of your points

Want to turn your points into cash deposits in an eligible Fidelity account? You can, with anytime redemptions of your points—a great way to build savings. You also have the ability to set up automatic monthly redemptions after you reach the 2,500-point minimum.
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Set up alerts

Stay on top of your card's activity so you can shop worry-free, using our account alerts and fraud notifications. Choose from a wide variety of alerts to stay in the know on what's important to you.
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Enroll in digital wallets

Add your card to your digital wallet and start shopping on the go. It's simple, convenient, and secure.
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Add an authorized user

Earn rewards faster by adding users to your credit card account. Authorized users will receive their own card and can spend on the account. They are not financially responsible for the account and have certain limitations.
Add an authorized user

Storing card details online

You can store your card information with merchants and billers when setting up automatic recurring payments or as your default payment method for a quick, convenient and secure way to make one-time purchases—even when you don’t have your card on hand.
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