Deposit money

We offer several convenient ways to deposit money into your Fidelity account.


Fastest option

Transfer from your existing Fidelity account
To get started, go to the Accounts & Trade tab on, then select Transfers.

Best option for a paper check

Fidelity Mobile® check deposit
Using our mobile app, you can snap a photo of your check to make a deposit. Once you've downloaded the app, select Transact at the bottom of the screen, then select Deposit Checks. Watch this video to learn how to make a mobile check deposit

Best option for recurring deposits

Automatic deposits
Consider scheduling regular, automatic transfers from your bank account to your Fidelity account(s) on a recurring schedule so that you have cash for investing or everyday spending.  Get startedLog In Required

Direct deposit
To have your paycheck, pension, Social Security check, tax refund, or other regular payments deposited into your accounts, provide your routing (ABA) number and account number to your employer, government agency, or third party.

Your routing numbers can be found on the Direct Deposit and Direct Debit Information pageLog In Required, you can also find them on your Portfolio Summary page: select an account, and at the top of the page under account name, select Routing Number.

Convenient option

Bank transfer
By linking your Fidelity account to your bank account, you can make a deposit at any time with a few clicks. Go to the Accounts & Trade tab, then select Transfers; from the Transfers page, click the Deposit, withdraw, or transfer money link; from the drop down select "Link a new bank" or select an account you've already added.

US mail

You can also mail a check directly to Fidelity for deposit into your account.