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Worried about inflation? We can help you boost what your cash earns, with some of the industry's most competitive rates.
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National average interest rate on checking


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    Deposits swept into the program bank(s) are eligible for FDIC Insurance, subject to FDIC insurance coverage limits. Balances that are swept to the Money Market Overflow as well as any other securities held in the account are not eligible for FDIC insurance but are eligible for SIPC coverage under SIPC rules. The Money Market Mutual Fund Overflow is for cash balances that exceed FDIC insurance coverage limits or cannot be swept to a program bank due to either a lack of bank capacity or unavailability of FDIC insurance. Customers will earn the APY shown on cash balances up to $5,000,000. Depending on the then available bank capacity or for balances that exceed FDIC Insurance coverage, balances above $5,000,000 may be swept into the Money Market Overflow. An updated list of banks that are participating and are accepting deposits is available at https://www.fidelity.com/fcmacorebanks. Funds swept into the Money Market Overflow will be held in the Fidelity Government Money Market Fund and earnings will be based on the fund's 7-day yield - Class S ( | Get Prospectus). Please carefully consider an account's fees, features and services before investing.

Features that help you spend and save

No account fees or
Digital wallet
Secure debit card
ATM fees reimbursed
FDIC insurance on
cash balances2
Competitive rates


Spend smarter all in one place

  • Get a real-time view of your spending
  • Bill Pay lets you easily pay anyone from anywhere
  • ATM fees reimbursed globally3
  • Mobile check deposit


Help jumpstart your savings

  • Higher rates on your deposits can provide extra income in the fight against inflation
  • FDIC protection on cash balances2
  • Great for a rainy-day fund or short-term goals


Put your money to work for you

  • Access a range of investment options
  • Invest for long or short-term goals like education or retirement
  • Features that go beyond a traditional checking account
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Best in the business

Recognized By Forbes Advisor As The #1 Cash Management Account of 20244

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