Why Invest in Sectors at Fidelity

At Fidelity, we believe that sector investing can be an ideal way to pursue growth, diversify a portfolio, and potentially manage risk. And we have the investment options, research, and tools that can help.

Reasons to consider sector investing at Fidelity

  • Wide selection of sector funds and ETFs
  • Expert sector insights and investing ideas
  • Comprehensive sector research, education, and tools

Wide selection of sector funds and ETFs

Fidelity has the industry's largest lineup of actively managed sector funds—44 in all—including 11 broad sector-level funds and 33 industry/sub-sector funds.

In addition to Fidelity-managed products, we also offer sector mutual funds and sector ETFs from other leading asset managers.

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Expert sector insights and investing ideas

Fidelity has been a pioneer in sector investing, with over 30 years of experience in managing sector-based mutual funds. Our 400+ person equity research organization is organized by sector, providing knowledge, insight, and perspective on sector fundamentals that is unmatched in the industry.

Fidelity's sector experts also generate investment ideas, and offer the latest research, market updates, and strategies for sector-based investing in Fidelity Viewpoints®. You have access to Fidelity's perspective on where we are in the business cycle, sector themes that our portfolio managers are pursuing, and the "State of the Sector" series, which looks at fundamentals for all 11 sectors.

Comprehensive sector research, education, and tools

Fidelity offers a wealth of sector and industry research that can help you better understand each sector, with detailed information about sector makeup, weightings, and how the business cycle can affect performance.

The Fidelity Learning Center offers a wide variety of courses, articles, and webinars in sector investing, so you can get a sense of what sectors are and how they can fit into your investment strategy.

The Fidelity Sector Portfolio Builder Tool gives you the ability to build, model, and save hypothetical sector-based portfolios or exposures. You can also compare the performance and risk of those hypothetical portfolios to benchmarks, as well as compare individual sector funds and ETFs side-by-side.

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