Finding health coverage in retirement

We can help you explore your options for coverage, make decisions about starting Medicare, and know what to do if you continue to work past age 65.

Health insurance before Medicare planner

If you're retiring before you're eligible for Medicare at age 65, we'll help you find health insurance coverage.

  • Explore options for finding a plan.
  • See an estimated cost of coverage before Medicare so you can set your retirement budget.
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Retiring at 65 or later

At 65, you may have the option to enroll in Medicare. This brings new, important decisions and information.

Our Medicare Learning Center provides tools, resources, and articles to assist you in navigating your Medicare journey. Find out the basics on Medicare, how to compare plans, and more.

Fidelity Medicare Services®

We’re here to support you in deciding when to enroll, available plans, and the right combination of Medicare coverage for you.

Managing health care costs in retirement

You've probably heard that healthcare costs are one of the biggest expenses in retirement. But knowing it may be true doesn't make planning any easier.

Bridging the gap to Medicare

In case you retire a few years early:

  • Explore your health coverage options during the gap to Medicare, like COBRA, private insurance, the public marketplace, or a spouse's plan.
  • Understand Medicare basics, including eligibility, enrollment, and penalties.

Planning your health insurance coverage

Consider your needs

Make sure your plan offers benefits that are important to you. Not all plans cover prescriptions, vision, or dental, or offer coverage if you're traveling or out of the country.

Review your coverage

Most plans have annual enrollment periods, but a qualifying life event like loss of coverage or a child leaving the plan, is an opportunity to review your needs.

Enroll in Medicare on time

Sign up for Medicare within the 3 months before and after your 65th birthday, unless you're delaying Medicare because you have qualifying health insurance through a job.

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Retiring before 65? You'll still need affordable health care.

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It's a large and unpredictable expense—and Medicare doesn't cover it all.

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Learn more about health coverage in retirement

From health savings accounts to Medicare, we're here to help.

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