Living in Retirement: Have a Solid Withdrawal Strategy

Understand how withdrawals impact your savings

It's important to have a strategy for your withdrawals so that you can help your savings last through retirement. As you enter retirement, you may start withdrawing from your savings in order to provide a stream of income. Also, if you have a Traditional IRA or other tax-deferred retirement account, there are mandatory withdrawals known as required minimum distributions (RMDs), once you reach 70½. Learn more about RMDs

With all these withdrawals, it's important to be strategic so that your savings can last. You may want to consider reinvesting a portion of your distributions. Also, your withdrawal strategy should factor in tax considerations so that you can make informed decisions about which accounts to withdraw from first. Be sure to:

  • Understand withdrawal tax considerations.
  • Prepare for required withdrawals from your accounts.
  • Consider consolidating your savings to help manage withdrawals.

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