Release Notes

November 2014

Feature Description
Trade & Orders
  • Trade Armor Options
    • New tab with ability to view and trade single leg and select multi-leg options
    • Upcoming earnings and dividends displayed within contract list
    • Expandable contract detail to display probability, Delta and Implied Volatility
    • Integrated view of equity and option positions for the underlying security
    • Resize Trade Armor horizontally to increase chart footprint
  • Orders
    • View price improvement details at the order and execution level
  • Create duplicate multi-leg option orders via right click menu on Orders tool
  • Trade single leg options in the multi-leg option ticket
  • Buy-writes and Collars may now be placed in margin in Limited Margin Accounts
  • Pre-market option trading via the Directed Trading ticket (SPX and VIX only)
Account Management
  • Balances
    • Portfolio Margin - assesses margin requirements based on overall portfolio risk; well-diversified accounts may result in reduced margin requirements.

      *To be considered, an account’s minimum equity must be above $150,000. Contact a Fidelity Representative at 800-544-6666 for more details.

  • Positions
    • Heat map display of performance, volume, yield and P/E views gives you a visual way to look at your positions
    • Exclude Wash Sales – ability to display the unadjusted columns for Basis, Purchase Price, Gain/Loss, and % Gain/Loss via Settings

      *Please note accounts with less than 120 trades per 12 month period or have incurred a wash sale prior to September 2014 must call 800-544-6666 to enable this feature.

    • Trade Armor column identifies where open orders exist and provides easy access to Trade Armor
    • Lots details now included when exporting Positions via right click
  • Improved chart real estate when hiding chart tabs
  • Print, export, and save moved into main menu

July 2014

Feature Description
Trade Armor
  • New Research tab with Equity Summary Score (ESS), Earnings, and Dividends for easy access to commonly requested data points
  • Equities will display the Equity Summary Score, Earnings, and Dividends
  • ETFs will display Basic Facts, Top 5 Holdings, and Distributions
  • View Details links will direct you to for additional information
  • Enable Cash/Margin Trade Type field on trade tickets via Settings
    • New Trade Setting will allow you to always display the cash/margin trade type drop down when trading in a margin account
    • Cash accounts will continue to display type as needed, i.e. limited margin, spreads in IRA
  • Color-code Orders via Settings
    • New Orders setting will allow you to color code orders by status, action,Time-in-force or order type
    • A set of standard colors are available, as well as the ability to create a custom color
    • The last color choice “wins”; for example, if you choose to color buy orders green and then choose to color market orders blue, a buy order at the market would be colored blue
    • Orders in a pending status will not be color coded if status color has been customized
  • Print Orders via right-click, including execution details
  • Option Summary: view options by underlying, strategy, or expiration
    • Quickly seed a trade ticket using the action or right-click menu
    • View margin requirement
    • Easily identify in-the-money contracts with orange indicator bar
  • Show/Hide Weeklies on Option Chain
  • Expiration selection now persists when changing symbols in Option Chain
  • New Options tab in the main navigation menu for easier access to option tools
  • Access the Learning Center's Options Strategy Guide from the Help menu
News and Market Data
  • Streaming Bloomberg TV
  • Equity Summary Score available in Quote, Positions, and Watch Lists
  • Support 4 decimal pricing for low priced securities in Watch List, Directed Trading,Charts, and Orders
  • Enhanced Headline News search category
Account Management
  • Expanded History - 4.9 years now available & no limitation on custom date range searches
    • Pre-set date filters changed from quarterly periods to past years
  • Show/Hide Security types on Positions: Hide security types like Cash from your positions using the Manage menu
  • Position Totals, including cost basis, now available at the bottom of the grid
    • If a security type like cash is hidden from the grid, the totals at the bottom will not include Cash position; however the summary totals at the top will
  • View Accounts in a single list
    • Select to view accounts in a grouped menu or single list menu
  • The Learning Centers Technical Indicator Guide with images and calculation details now accessible from the Help menu
Enhanced Interactions
  • Alternate row color for grid tools including Positions, Watch Lists, Orders and Filters via General Settings
  • Navigation Updates including new Options menu, Trade Fixed Income andInternational Trade, and Reassign lots from Account Features.

February 2014

Feature Description
  • Trade Armor
    • An innovative visual approach to trading and risk management with key information needed to make informed trading decisions, including position level unrealized and year-to-date realized gain/loss information, charts with support and resistance levels, quotes and the latest news headlines. Trade Armor provides the ability to quickly and easily create trades, showing the estimated gain or loss based on the order price, and replacing an order is a simple as dragging the open order price indicator to your new desired price and submitting the order. Use Trade Armor to place a variety of orders, such as limits, stops, stop limits, trailing stops, and brackets. If you use alerts, creating and managing is also as easy as dragging and dropping the alert to a price point on the chart.
  • Conditional Trading
    • Contingent
    • One Cancels the Other (OCO)
    • One Triggers the Others (OTO)
    • One Triggers an OCO (OTOCO)
  • Order Status Enhancements
    • Ability to display orders on 1 row using Order Settings
  • Expanded display filtering to include
    • Filled
    • Open
    • Partially Filled
  • Ability to view a single account, all accounts or an account group
Account Management
  • Account Summary
    • A quick view of profit and loss information in one tool, along with key balance and order information
  • Today’s Unrealized Gain/Loss for intraday traded positions (Trade Armor, Positions, and Account Summary)
  • Closed Positions
    • Search up to 10 years of closed positions history including the ability to search by security
  • Point and Figure chart style
  • Additional Indicators
    • Chaikin A/D Oscillator
    • Volume Weighted Moving Avg.
    • Wilder Moving Avg.
  • Use the right-click menu to print your order confirmations, positions or watch lists
Enhanced Interactions
  • Ability to delete symbols from the symbol drop-down list

November 2013

Feature Description
  • Trade on unsettled funds and day trade stocks and options in retirements accounts using limited margin
  • Trade Mini-Options on the Directed Trade and Multi-leg Options ticket
  • Pre-market time-in-force in Directed Trading now ends at 9:28 AM ET
Account management
  • View positions, history, and news by account groups set up on
  • Gain insight into the total account value and pending activity balances on Positions (displayed when you mouse-over the Total Market Value)
  • Change your tax-sensitive disposal method online using the new Cost Basis Information Tracking page available under Account Features
  • Take advantage of 7 new indicators:
    • Aroon
    • StochRSI
    • ATRP- Average True Range Percentage
    • DPO- Detrended Price Oscillator
    • DSS- Double Smoothed Stochastic
    • HV- Historical Volatility
    • RVI- Relative Vigor Index
  • View streaming news articles by provider
Options Enhancements
  • Profit/Loss Calculator: customize implied volatility assumption, display Greeks data, include/exclude expired options, and zoom and pan on chart
  • Access your custom option scans in the Filters tool
Enhanced Interactions
  • Quickly add a symbol to a custom watch list from Quote, Filters, Chart, and Option Chain using the right-click or action menu
  • Close a tool directly from the Tools in Use menu

July 2013

This release offers further enhancements to our next generation platform, many in direct response to your feedback, such as a new theme color and historical time and sales data. We are continually updating our next generation platform with new features and functionality and encourage you to send us your suggestions by selecting Tell Us What You Think located under the Help menu.

Feature Description
Time and Sales
  • View real-time time and sales data and up to 30 days of historical time and sales information
Color Theme
  • A new blue background color theme is now available from General Settings
  • Ability to export your chart as image
  • Ability to modify color of line chart
  • Events data: added ex-dividend dates, dividend pay date and earning release date to the mouse over tooltips
Resizable Quote
  • Customize the quote tool to your desired size
Market Data
  • New market data fields now available for Quotes and Watch Lists: Intrinsic Value and Time Value for options, Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP), Sector & Industry information, Dividend Payment Currency
Hard to Borrow
  • Gain visibility into financing costs and share availability for hard to borrow securities in the quote tool and during the short sale order entry process
  • Margin accounts now include cash available to trade without margin impact and daily mark to market on short activity
New account setting
  • Allows account sorting by nickname or account number

April 2013

This release included:

Feature Description
  • Directed options trading with ability to view montage by price or exchange
  • Custom time-in-force for more control over the expiration of your day or GTC orders
Advanced Options Analytics
  • Probability calculator helps determine the probability of an underlying equity or index trading above, below, or between certain price targets on a specified date
  • Profit and loss calculator evaluates the potential profitability of owned and simulated positions
Market Data
  • Expanded Filters tool includes pre-built option scansto help spot trading opportunities
  • Detailed options data, including: historical and implied volatility, put/call ratios, and today’s biggest trades

January 2013

This release included:

Feature Description
  • Multi-trade to store and/or place multiple trades individually or simultaneously
Account Information
  • Detailed balances and margin call information
  • Account history
  • Find position in all accounts tool
  • 7 new indicators: Average Directional Index, Average Volume, Cup with Handle, Hull Moving Average, Ichimoku Cloud, P/E Ratio, and Relative Strength Comparison
  • 3 new drawing tools: Regression Channel, Speed Resistance and Linear Regression
  • Confirmed and anticipated* pattern and event recognition, as well as Elliott Wave analysis* all provided by Recognia, a leader in technical analysis
  • Create up to 5 tabs in each chart
Market Data
  • Expanded quote data information
  • Pre-built index watch list
  • Pre-built, delayed futures watch list
  • Filters tool for access to most actives, top gainers/losers, etc.
Enhanced Interactions
  • Easy to use navigation including powerful right-click and action menus to populate a trade ticket and quickly access key tools
  • Click bid and ask fields to populate trade tickets
  • Shortcut buttons for Trade, Orders, and Quote from the main navigation
  • Re-order symbols when editing a custom watch list
  • Quick access from the main navigation to key features such as: option summary, closed positions and margin calculator
Message Center
  • Three new alert types, including: account, education and system

*Recognia Anticipated Events and Elliot Wave analysis are offered to customers who trade 120+ over a 12-month rolling period.

November 2011

This release included:

  • Multi-Leg Option Trading
  • Specific Share/ Tax Lot Trading
  • Setting to Skip Trade Previews and Confirmations

June 2011

This release included:

  • Streaming, priced option chain

January 2011

This release included:

  • Advanced, streaming charts
  • Streaming Order Status tool
  • Market breadth
  • Customizable streaming ticker
  • Linking functionality to link tools by symbol

November 2010

This release included:

  • Trade ticket for stocks, mutual funds, and options trades
  • Streaming Quotes tool
  • Market breadth
  • Set Alert functionality
  • Message Center with trade and price alerts

Options trading entails significant risk and is not appropriate for all investors. Prior to trading options, you must receive from Fidelity Investments a copy of Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options by clicking on the hyperlink text, and call 1-800-FIDELITY to be approved for options trading. Supporting documentation for any claims, if applicable, will be furnished upon request.

Greeks are mathematical calculations used to determine the effect of various factors on options

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