Fidelity Bloom®

A more mindful way to save money

Fidelity Bloom® is a free financial app.1 We use psychology to help gently improve your saving and spending habits. No drastic lifestyle changes required.

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What you'll get

An award-winning app2 that helps you build mindful spending and saving habits

Two Fidelity® accounts:3 one to help build savings and one to track everyday spending

A debit card4 to access your spending money (along with built-in cash rewards)

Fidelity Bloom® is for

  • • Aspiring savers who want to escape the cycle of spending their entire paycheck

  • • Financial novices who are just starting their savings journey—regardless of age

  • • Anyone who feels overwhelmed by their finances and wants budget tips

Level up with Fidelity Bloom®

Improve your money mindset

With lessons, activities, and a yearly savings match, you'll learn new skills using scientifically proven methods.

Think differently about money

Research has shown that you're more likely to save when your saving and spending aren't mingled. You'll apply this principle using your Fidelity Bloom® Save and Spend accounts.

How Fidelity Bloom® helps you save money

Built in cash rewards

Rewards are deposited directly to your Fidelity Bloom® Save account.

  • Get a 10% annual savings match from Fidelity® on up to $300 of deposits to your Save account.
  • Get a 10-cent reward for every purchase with your Fidelity Bloom® debit card.
  • Take advantage of cash-back shopping from more than 1,000 participating retailers when you shop in the app.

New money habits to learn and practice

Challenges address the root causes of why people struggle to save.

You'll learn research-based concepts and skills that you can put into practice in real life. So you can change your saving and spending habits, now and for the long term.

Automated routines that grow your savings

Every aspect of Fidelity Bloom® is built to help you save more money.

  • Round Up and cash-back shopping add to savings as you spend.
  • Recurring transfers help keep your savings continually growing.
  • Setting up direct deposit allows you to pay yourself first, an effective strategy to help grow your savings.

Fidelity Bloom® named #1 New Tool for 2023

Download today to see why named us their #1 New Tool for 2023.2

Common questions

  • Why do I have 2 separate accounts in Fidelity Bloom®?

    Research shows that you’re more likely to have a greater awareness of your finances, and less likely to move money, when you have separate accounts for saving and spending. Fidelity Bloom® is designed with behavioral science principles to help you spend more mindfully and save more successfully.

  • What types of accounts are Fidelity Bloom® Save and Spend?

    Fidelity Bloom® Save and Fidelity Bloom Spend accounts are brokerage accounts with limited features available through the app so we can focus on helping you build positive saving habits.

    By using brokerage accounts, we’re able to place your cash in low-risk money market mutual funds which have historically outperformed traditional savings accounts.

    You may access a broader set of brokerage account features by logging in to your account on or the Fidelity app.

    Fidelity Bloom accounts are brokerage accounts covered by SIPC insurance. They are not bank accounts and therefore are not covered by FDIC insurance. Holdings in your Fidelity Bloom accounts are subject to market risk and risk of loss.

  • Is Fidelity Bloom® for children or teens?

    Fidelity Bloom® users must be at least 18 years old to open an account.

    Fidelity offers a Youth Account for users under 18. Please visit to learn more.

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