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Let us handle the investing so you don't have to

Ease into investing with our robo advisor

A digital financial service

With our robo advisor, answer a few questions and we'll build a strategy to meet your needs.

Professional management of your money

We monitor the markets and automatically rebalance the portfolio to keep you on track.

Affordable investing

No advisory fee for balances under $25,000, 0.35% advisory fee for balances of $25,000+.

Having your money managed shouldn't cost a lot

No advisory fees under $25,000

0.35% a year for balances of $25,000+; includes unlimited 1-on-1 coaching calls.

No minimum to open an account

$10 to invest. You may even be able to convert an existing Fidelity account.

Would you like to convert an existing Fidelity account?

Switch your eligible retirement or brokerage account to Fidelity Go at no cost.1

Take Fidelity Go to the next level

Unlock coaching and more when your account reaches $25,000+:

  • Access to a team of Fidelity advisors
  • Unlimited 30-minute 1-on-1 phone calls
  • Conversations on budgeting, managing debt, retirement planning, and more

Kiplingers Personal Finance
Best Robo2
Aug. 2023

Fidelity Go was awarded Best Robo out of ten online brokers based on the results from their annual online brokers and trading platforms survey.

Research conducted from June to July 2023. Advisory services offered by Fidelity Personal and Workplace Advisors LLC (FPWA), a registered investment adviser, for a fee. Brokerage services provided by Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC (FBS).


  • How does Fidelity Go® work?

    With Fidelity Go® you’ll start by telling us about yourself and your individual financial goals. Then we’ll suggest an investment strategy for your account. We'll then manage your money in accordance with your goals, helping you track your progress along the way. Once your account is open, you can add money to it. We'll start by offering you the chance to make an initial deposit, in the same amount you told us you were going to start with when you created your profile. If you told us you were going to make recurring deposits, we'll prompt you to add those next. But don't worry if you want to put those off until later—you can set those up at any time.

    We'll then monitor and adjust your investment strategy over time based on the updates you make to your information and the other information we may have on file for your account.

    Personal financial coaching:

    All customers have access to our online planning tools, and once your account reaches a balance of $25,000, we have trained advisors who can help guide you through your options. We’ll provide you with support to help you stay in control of your finances.

    Whether you need help creating a budget, paying down debt, retirement planning, or investing for your future, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that 1-on-1 advice from Fidelity is just a coaching call away.

    Annual reviews:

    Life takes turns—and we want to know all about them. Each year, we’ll check in with you to ask if anything major in your life has changed. If necessary, we’ll adjust your investment strategy to fit with your new situation.

    And remember, this is a relationship. So, as your needs change, let us know and we can help by making changes consistent with your new goal. You don’t need to wait until your annual review to contact us!

  • How much does Fidelity Go® cost?

    Fidelity Go® offers tiered pricing based on your account balance. You'll pay no advisory fee for a balance under $25,000, or 0.35% per year for any balances of $25,000 and over. Either way, there are no trading fees, transaction fees, or rebalancing fees.

  • What's the minimum initial investment to open a Fidelity Go® account?

    There is no minimum initial investment to open a Fidelity Go account! Once your account hits $10 we'll start investing for you according to the investment strategy you've chosen. The minimum account balance to access financial coaching with our trained advisors is $25,000.

  • What's a robo advisor?

    A robo advisor is an affordable digital financial service that uses technology to help automate investing based on information investors provide about themselves and their financial situation. "Robo" refers to these services being almost completely digital, and that computers, smartphones, or tablets are used to access and interact with your accounts. "Advisor" speaks to the investment advisors that offer digital advice and account management services, often for a lower fee than traditional investment advisory services.

  • What's a hybrid robo advisor?

    A hybrid robo advisor typically refers to a robo advisor that includes access to investment adviser representatives, whether via telephone or in person. In the case of Fidelity Go®, we combine our digital offering with access to 1-on-1 financial planning and coaching via telephone for clients that invest at least $25,000 in a Fidelity Go account. For more information on coaching see "How does coaching work with Fidelity Go®?"

  • How does coaching work with Fidelity Go®?

    Once your Fidelity Go® account reaches $25,000 you will have access to unlimited 30- minute coaching calls on specific topics with our trained advisors.

    On your 1-on-1 phone calls with a Fidelity advisor, you'll be able to discuss a financial plan for the future. During your conversations, an advisor will get to know what's important to you, work with you to prioritize your financial goals, and explain the importance of creating a financial plan to help make progress toward reaching them. You'll also get clear next steps so that you have tasks to complete and milestones to reach between each call.

  • What does Fidelity Go® do for me?

    Once you provide some information about yourself and your financial goals, we’ll handle all day-to-day investing decisions for your Fidelity Go® account, and we’ll do the following:

    • Suggest an initial investment strategy, or mix of stocks and bonds in your account, according to information you provide, such as your goal, your time horizon, and your comfort with risk
    • Buy and sell investments in your account to maintain the investment strategy you've chosen, often referred to as "rebalancing"
    • Invest any contributions you make over time according to the investment strategy you've chosen
    • Keep you informed about how your investments are doing
    • Remind you each year to review and update the information you've provided
    • Offer financial coaching sessions to you with our trained advisors once your account reaches $25,000
  • Can I convert an existing Fidelity brokerage or retirement account to a Fidelity Go® account?

    If you have an eligible Fidelity brokerage or retirement account, you can convert it to Fidelity Go®. When converting an account, you will retain your existing account number, along with other features like beneficiary designations, automatic deposits, and automatic withdrawals, if applicable.

    If you choose to open an account, we’ll display any Fidelity accounts that are eligible to be converted. Only certain accounts can be converted at this time.

  • How does Fidelity Go® suggest an investment strategy for me?

    We’ll help you choose your Fidelity Go® investment strategy by suggesting one according to your goals, your time horizon, and your comfort with risk. You can tell us how comfortable you are with risk on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being less comfortable and 10 being more comfortable). Then, we’ll show you a chart that breaks down the mix of stocks, bonds, and short-term investments in which we’ll invest your money. If you’d rather choose a strategy other than the one we suggested, you can explore our other options and select the one you prefer.

    Fidelity Go offers investment strategies that range from conservative to aggressive. Our most conservative investment strategy targets 20% stocks and 80% bonds and short-term investments, while our most aggressive strategy targets 100% stocks.

  • What kinds of investments can I expect to find in my Fidelity Go® account?

    Your account will hold a combination of Fidelity Flex® mutual funds. These funds generally hold domestic stocks, foreign stocks, bonds, or short-term investments. Depending on your investment strategy and your account, we'll choose which funds we think will help you meet your goals.

  • What are Fidelity Flex® funds?

    Fidelity Flex® funds are a lineup of Fidelity mutual funds that have zero expense ratios, and include proprietary active and passive funds. Flex funds are currently available only to certain fee-based accounts offered by Fidelity, like Fidelity Go®. Unlike many other mutual funds, the Flex funds do not charge management fees or, with limited exceptions, fund expenses. Instead, a portion of the advisory fee you pay is allocated to access the Flex funds in which your account will be invested.

  • Can I choose the investments for my Fidelity Go® account?

    You may not buy and sell individual investments in your Fidelity Go® account. By enrolling in Fidelity Go you turn the day-to-day management of your investments over to a team of investment professionals.

    However, you are entitled to place reasonable restrictions on the management of your account. You can add a restriction in your account profile at any time.

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