Managing & Growing Wealth

You've worked hard to get where you are. Let's make sure your money keeps working hard for you.

The Fidelity Perspective

  • Diversifying your investments: Help minimize your investment risks with a diverse mix of assets in your portfolio. Also take the opportunity to fine-tune your savings goals and investment approaches annually—and after every major life event.
  • Examining your tax strategy: Be aware of how taxes will affect your money, and minimize the impact where possible.
  • Protecting your legacy: Consider life insurance and estate planning strategies to help protect your wealth and maximize your legacy.

Track your long-term goals

Explore our Planning & Guidance Center today. You can create a holistic financial plan or investment strategy and monitor your progress.


Diversifying your investments

Five things to review annually

Plan for your family's future as you review your savings and investment strategies.

Choosing the right investments for your IRA

Opening an IRA can be an important step in implementing a retirement savings plan and can help you meet your goals of investing for growth, income, or both.

Wealth management

As a wealth management client with Fidelity, you can have a dedicated financial advisor who can provide clear recommendations to help you grow and protect your wealth.

Explore our wealth management services


Examining your tax strategy

Tax-efficient investing
Ready to keep more of what you earn? Create a plan to minimize the tax bite on investments.

Charitable giving
Maximize your impact with smarter charitable giving. Fidelity Charitable® can help you give more and potentially reduce your taxes.


Protecting your legacy

Estate planning

Understand how wills and trusts work, and learn strategies to protect what you care about.

Life insurance

Protect yourself and your loved ones with guidance and solutions from Fidelity.

Fidelity resources to grow your wealth

Save for retirement with a Fidelity IRA

Maxed out your 401(k)? A Fidelity Roth or Traditional IRA is another tax-advantaged way to save.

Portfolio Advisory Services

Hand off the challenge of investing to a team of investment professionals focused on helping you reach your goals.

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