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Why investing is important—especially for women

If you're wondering what gender has to do with money, you're not alone. But the numbers don't lie—there are a range of factors that can affect women's finances more than others.

Women live about 6 years longer than men1

Investing gives your money a chance to work harder so that you don't outlast your finances.

2/3 of caregivers are women2

Just one year out of work at 35 can mean a loss of more than $200K but investing gives your money a chance to grow while you're caregiving.3

Women earn $0.83 for every dollar a man makes4

Investing levels the playing field and offers the potential to generate income on the side.

Ever wonder, "Should I save or invest?"

They're both important—the key is knowing when to do each so your money can work as hard as you.

Consider saving if:

  • Your goal is less than 3 years away
  • You need an emergency fund (3–6 months' worth of essential expenses)
  • You want quick access to your money if you need it in a pinch

Have a savings goal?

Consider investing if:

  • Your goal is more than 3 years away
  • You've paid off most or all of your high-interest debt (anything over 6%) like credit cards
  • You want to stay ahead of inflation, potentially save on taxes, and build a nest egg

Have an investment goal?

Why do people invest?

To help beat inflation: Investing gives your money a chance to grow at a faster rate than inflation so your cash doesn't lose value over time.

The potential power of compounding: This is when the money you earn on your investments starts earning money. The longer you stay invested, the more powerful compounding can be.

To build financial security: Investing has the potential to generate passive income (like a side hustle) so you can have more control over your financial future.

Have an investment goal? Find the right account

The power of long-term investing5

If you had invested $10,000 in U.S. stocksa 30 years ago, you'd have $168,605 today versus just $20,020 if you’d kept your money in a cash equivalentb—a difference of $148,585!

When investing, the S&P 500 has historically outperformed savings accounts, helping more investors reach their money goals and beat inflation.

This chart shows how $10,000 grew from 1992 – 2022.

a. The domestic stock return is represented by the Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market return

b. The cash return is represented by the IA SBBI 30-Day Treasury Bill return

You don't need a finance degree to invest smarter

Just pick a money goal and we'll help you choose the account that makes sense for your goal and the investment style that works for you.

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