Things we can help you with (and what to expect)

  • You have a goal but aren't sure how to reach it.

    First: We'll ask you about your money goals and figure out where you are in the process
    Then: We'll identify any possible challenges or opportunities
    Finally: We'll help you find the next best steps to take to put your plan into action

  • You don't have a specific goal but want to know if you're "doing enough".

    First: We'll look at what your savings priorities are and where you are in the process
    Then: We'll identify any opportunities that may be worth considering
    Finally: We'll help you determine next steps that make sense for your goals and timeline

  • You had (or will have) a major life event.

    First: We'll talk about the event(s) (i.e., marriage, divorce, growing your family, changing jobs, starting a business, etc.) and how to prepare and plan for them
    Then: We'll look at your short-, medium-, and long-term money goals
    Finally: We'll review what your options are to help you stay on track

  • You want help getting started.

    First: We'll talk about your money goal(s) (i.e., retirement, building a nest egg, college savings, etc.)
    Then: We'll help you figure out your timeline, how you want to manage your investments (on your own or with some help), and which account makes the most sense for your goal
    Finally: We'll ask for your name and email so that we can send you any important info and next steps