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Invest for your long-term goals.

First, let's pick your money goal

Great! You've got a personal goal you want to save for.

No matter what your goal is—building a nest egg, buying a home, or something else—investing cash for your goal over the long term (at least 3 years away) gives your money a chance to work harder. Why? Because the longer your cash is invested, the more likely you'll benefit from compounding growth and bounce back from potential market swings.

Buy a home      Build your nest egg     Generate income

Based on your investment goal, you have options

If you're looking for a cost-effective, flexible way to invest, a brokerage account makes it easy for anyone to start investing with as little as $1.

  • No account fees or minimums1
  • Diverse investment options from stocks at companies you believe in to diversified funds to help manage risk
  • Flexibility to invest based on your goals and risk tolerance, and adjust your portfolio as needed
  • Dividends & interest from a wide range of strategies and fixed income investments that have the potential to earn income (like a side hustle)
7 in 10 women (69%) wish they had started investing their extra savings earlier. Fidelity Investments'<sup>®</sup> 2021 Women and Investing Study

Feel right? Let's choose how you want to manage it

(you can always change it later)

Consider doing it yourself if:

  • You want full control over when and how you invest (you'll have access to free tools, research, and data)
  • You have the time & desire to research your own investments
  • You want free 24/7 customer support with experienced investment professionals

$0 account minimum

$0 account fees1

$0 commissions for online US stock and ETF trades2

Consider digital investing plus access to coaching if:

  • You want professional money management that monitors markets and automatically rebalances your portfolio
  • You want a strategy built to meet your needs by answering just a few questions online
  • You want unlimited 1-on-1 coaching when your account balance reaches $25K3

$0 account minimum4

$0 advisory fees for balances < $25K

and 0.35%/yr. for balances $25K+

For investments of $50,000 or more, consider Fidelity Advisory Services

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