Get started with your stock plan

To start managing your stock plan, you'll need to open your Fidelity Account® and, if required, accept your grant. Then you can start using all our convenient money management features.

1. Set up your account

Open accountLog In Required
You must set up your Fidelity Account® to manage your stock plan.

Accept grantLog In Required
Some grants may require acceptance so they can vest as scheduled.

Enroll in Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)Log In Required
If offered by your employer, log in and enroll in your ESPP.

Set your delivery preferencesLog In Required
Update your delivery options to receive your financial documents electronically.

2. Add money management features

Set up electronic funds transfer
Add or update your bank information to transfer money more quickly.

Manage your cash
Add direct deposit, billpay, ATM/debit card, and checkwriting to your account.

Download the Fidelity Mobile® app
Manage your account anytime, anywhere.

Add account beneficiariesLog In Required
Choose beneficiaries to make sure your assets will be distributed how you want.

3. Manage your financial future

Consolidate your assets
Transfer prior stock plan assets and other accounts to manage in one place.

Use our Planning & Guidance Center
See how our tools can help you plan, invest, and manage your assets.

Monitor your stock planLog In Required
View balances, transactions, and other account information for your plan.

Resources to help you manage your money

Take the 5-minute financial checkup
Answer 9 questions to get a Personal Action Plan* for improving your financial wellness—including smart moves to consider for your next dollar.

Financial basics
Get tips and resources for staying on top of all of life's money matters—from paying down debt and keeping up with bills, to budgeting and saving for the future.