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Fidelity Bloom®—a free, easy-to-use app and debit card that helps you save more and spend smarter.

Prep for uncertain times

The last few years have been a lot. Find out how to help protect your money and career, cover bills, and more—whatever happens next.

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Got student loans? We can help

With student loan repayments back again, many of us are feeling strapped for cash. This easy-to-use tool can help ease those jitters and tackle your student loans, so you can feel more in control.

Manage student debt

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Looking for info on a specific topic but not sure where to start? Find out what you want, when you want—from managing money, health care, market ups and downs, investing, and more.

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52-week money challenge

By this time next year, you could have an extra $1,300 in savings. How? Simple. It starts with just $1. Just stash away an amount of money that corresponds to the week you save it ($1 in week 1, $2 in week 2, and so forth).

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