Home solutions for your changing needs

We're spending more time at home than ever before. For many, that means shifting priorities, as people look to get more out of where they live. Whether that translates to a kitchen remodel or home office expansion, a new house with a yard for the kids, or simply an increased sense of emotional and financial security, Fidelity offers access to solutions that can help.

Access these special offers through Fidelity

We can help you get the house you want or improve the one you have with these special offers for financing, real estate agent services, and home improvement only available through Fidelity.


Personalized rates on mortgages

Leader Bank

Simplify your mortgage search

Enjoy personal support plus a $1,399 credit through Fidelity’s mortgage referral program with Leader Bank. Get more details or start with a rate quote today.

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Real estate agent referral services

HomeStory logo

Find an experienced real estate agent and get up to a $9,500 bonus

Get matched with a highly rated real estate agent in your area from HomeStory's preferred network. Through Fidelity, earn up to $9,500 when you close on a home with that agent.

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Home improvement professionals

HomeAdvisor logo

Get instantly matched with top-rated contractors in your area

From quick repairs to major remodels, find plumbers, electricians, and other professionals for your home improvement project. Fidelity customers get white glove service through a dedicated concierge team.

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Other resources to help you buy or sell a home

Avvo logo

Find a real estate lawyer

Search top-rated, experienced lawyers near you with detailed profiles and reviews.

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Find the neighborhood that's right for you

Explore in-depth profiles, comprehensive rankings, and reviews for more than 50,000 neighborhoods and schools across the country.