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Getting a college education can open a lifetime of opportunities. Paying for that education, though, can have a lasting impact on other financial goals, like saving for retirement or buying a home. With so many choices available, Credible is one way to help make it easier to find options to pay for college, either for your yourself or as a cosigner, or lower your current student loan debt.

Credible is an online marketplace that lets you compare offers from multiple lenders without impacting your credit score. Fidelity users can get a $750 bonus when refinancing through Credible—if refinancing your current student debt is a good fit for your situation.*


Get competitive, personalized, pre-qualified rates from top lenders—without impacting your credit score

Finding student loan or refinancing options through Credible offers many benefits, including:

  • Competitive rates: No origination fees or prepayment penalties from lenders through Credible and no cost to use Credible services.
  • Simple, seamless online experience: Get prequalified, personalized, real rates instantly—without impacting your credit score.
  • Choice: Choose from a broad lender network offering at least 9 different individual lenders.
  • Refinance bonus: Get $750 bonus when you refinance your student loan through Credible.*

Credible is not a lender, a bank, or a credit card issuer. Rather, it partners with top lenders to provide a variety of competitive student loan options, so you can find a solution that fits your needs—if you decide that taking out a loan or refinancing is the best option for your situation.

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