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Get practical tips to help you with everything from buying the right bond for your situation to understanding your fixed income statements.

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Green Bond Performance Primer (PDF) NEW Better understand green bond performance, as well as the investor benefits of selecting green bonds over their traditional conventional bond peer group.
Not all local GOs are created equal (PDF) Learn about differences between general obligation (GO) securities of local government issuers of different states.
State School District Credit Enhancement Programs (PDF) Navigate the nuances of insurance for education bonds.
FCM 2022 State Tax Guide (PDF) Provides helpful details about US state tax rates, how municipal securities are treated depending on in-state or out-of-state status, and other key state information.
Texas Permanent School Fund (PSF) Primer (PDF)  Learn more about how the PSF works, what guarantees are provided, and local credit ratings within the program.
FCM Municipal Compendium 2023 (PDF) A compilation of statistics relevant to the municipal bond market.
Municipal and Corporate Transition Rates  Gain a historical perspective on the likelihood of corporate and municipal bonds being upgraded or downgraded by Moody's.
De Minimis Dilemma (PDF) Understanding the potential adverse tax consequences associated with secondary tax-exempt municipal bonds.
Tax and Liquidity Considerations for Buying Discount Bonds The MSRB explains how a bond purchased at a discount will be taxed as ordinary income, or if it will be taxed at the capital gains tax rate.
Overview of the Taxable Municipal Market (PDF) Better understand the taxable municipal bond market and where opportunities may lie.
Seven Simple Steps to Buying Bonds We'll show you easy steps to help you find and buy the right bond.
Reading the Tape for Bonds: MSRB and TRACE data We'll show you how to use MSRB and TRACE data to get real-time insights on the secondary market.
The Ins and Outs of Buying New Issue Municipal Bonds See the types of new issue muni bond offerings, stages of the offering period, how to use alerts, and offering allocations.
How and why to build a bond ladder A bond ladder can help generate an income stream and manage interest rate risk1.
Using the New Issue Official Statement: Overcoming the Fear We offer a tutorial to help you understand the details of the offering