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Get practical tips to help you with everything from buying the right bond for your situation to understanding your fixed income statements.

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State School District Credit Enhancement Programs (PDF) NEW Navigate the nuances of insurance for education bonds.
Overview of the Taxable Municipal Market (PDF) Understand what to consider when looking to invest in taxable municipal bonds
De Minimis Dilemma (PDF) Understanding the potential adverse tax consequences associated with secondary tax-exempt municipal bonds.
Municipal and Corporate Bond Transition Rates Gain a historical perspective on the likelihood of an issuer changing their rating within a calendar year period.
FCM Municipal Compendium 2019 (PDF) A compilation of statistics relevant to the municipal bond market.
Not all Local General Obligations Are Created Equal (PDF) Learn how to distinguish between the general obligation (GO) securities of local government issuers of different states.
Can premium bonds help reduce rate risk? Premium bonds cost more but may offer higher cash flow and less rate risk.
New Issue Premium Coupon Bonds (PDF) The nuances of bond pricing can be confusing; but understanding some basic principles of bond pricing can help investors make more informed investment decisions.
In the Municipal Market, Green Is the New Black (PDF) Investors are becoming more socially and environmentally conscious and are open to investment options that reflect their "green" preferences.
The Ins and Outs of Buying New Issue Municipal Bonds See the types of new issue muni bond offerings, stages of the offering period, how to use alerts, and offering allocations.
Reading the Tape for Bonds: MSRB and TRACE data We'll show you how to use MSRB and TRACE data to get real-time insights on the secondary market.
How and why to build a bond ladder A bond ladder can help generate an income stream and manage interest rate risk1.
Seven Simple Steps to Buying Bonds We'll show you easy steps to help you find and buy the right bond.
Using the New Issue Official Statement: Overcoming the Fear We offer a tutorial to help you understand the details of the offering