Make real progress on your financial goals

Fidelity® Personalized Planning & Advice is our hybrid robo advisor that combines a professionally managed account with financial coaching to help you get closer to reaching retirement or other savings goals.

Fidelity® Personalized Planning & Advice will be consolidated with Fidelity Go® on November 1, 2022

You can still open a new Fidelity Personalized Planning & Advice (FPPA) account before November 1, 2022, when we will start transitioning existing FPPA accounts to Fidelity Go. You will continue to receive the investment management and unlimited 1-on-1 Personalized Planning & Advice financial coaching calls provided by a team of Fidelity advisors after your account is transitioned to the Fidelity Go program.

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Start saving for what matters most to you

We'll recommend an investment strategy for your retirement account (like an IRA) that's in line with your goals. Then we'll show you how to fund it, whether you're converting an existing Fidelity brokerage or retirement account or opening a new account.

Plus, you'll be able to schedule 1-on-1 discussions with Fidelity advisors to review progress and future savings milestones to aim for.

Are you saving for a big purchase or building wealth for the future? Whether you're converting an existing Fidelity brokerage or retirement account or opening a new account, we can suggest an investment strategy and provide ongoing 1-on-1 financial coaching to help you make progress on your goal.

What's included with your Personalized Planning & Advice account

Professional investment management

We'll suggest an investment strategy for your account, manage it, and make adjustments along the way to help keep your savings goal on track.

1-on-1 financial coaching

Our team of Fidelity advisors will help you evaluate your financial picture and provide advice on coaching calls when you need it.

Flexible financial planning

As your life changes, we'll work with you to help adjust your financial plan to make sure it's in line with what's important to you.

Wondering if Personalized Planning & Advice is right for you?

Get a free financial assessment. Call us at 800-343-3548 and ask for "Planning."

It matters where you put your money

Here's a hypothetical example of how $10,000 would have grown over the past 10 years if it was invested in a conservative mix of investments (like the S&P Target Risk Conservative Index, using actual historical returns) versus a traditional savings account (using actual historical interest rates from FDIC weekly averages).

The investments in this example have different fees, features, characteristics, and risks, which should be carefully considered before investing. FDIC-insured accounts do not have risk.

This chart is for illustrative purposes only and doesn't reflect the actual or implied performance of Fidelity® Personalized Planning & Advice.

Keep in mind past performance does not guarantee future results. The hypothetical accounts are based on historical returns from January 1, 2010 to March 31, 2020. Indexes are unmanaged and it's not possible to invest in an index.

How we calculated the estimates: 1. Assumed a one-time deposit of $10,000 at the period start date in "traditional savings" account and a "conservative investment" account. 2. There were no withdrawals from the accounts during the timeframe. 3. No fees or taxes were applied, and returns would have been reduced by fees and expenses. 4. Investments in "traditional savings" account assumed only an FDIC-insured account. Returns were calculated by applying the historical national average rate of return for savings account from FDIC from January 1, 2010 to March 31, 2020. 5. For the "conservative investment" account, calculations were made by using the S&P Target Risk Conservative Index historical returns for the same period and include a period of positive returns for underlying investments. If other time periods were used, results would have been different. The S&P Target Risk Conservative Index is designed to measure the performance of conservative 30/70 stock-bond allocations to fixed income, seeking to produce a current stream and avoid excessive volatility of returns. Equities are included to help protect long-term purchasing power. Unlike the traditional savings account, the S&P Target Risk Conservative Index does not carry FDIC insurance to protect from loss.


Open a Personalized Planning & Advice account May 20 through June 30 and we'll waive our advisory fee through September 30. View terms and conditions

Note: There's a $25,000 minimum balance to get started, which can be held in one Personalized Planning & Advice account or as a combined balance for multiple Personalized Planning & Advice accounts.

Estimate of $10.42/mo is based on an account balance of $25,000 and our 0.50% gross advisory fee. Total costs will vary with account balance, and estimates are based on the assumption that you will fund your account with cash and your account balance does not change for a year.

What to expect next

  • Get a free proposal

    Tell us about your savings goal and we'll suggest a no-commitment investment strategy to help you work toward it.

  • Accept, open, and fund

    After accepting the proposal, you can open and fund your account. We'll then make all the investing decisions for the account based on your investment strategy.

  • Stay on track

    We'll adjust your strategy, when needed, and be available to answer questions about your financial future.

Ready to get started?

It'll take about 5 minutes.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is Fidelity® Personalized Planning & Advice right for me?

    It could be. Start by asking yourself these questions:

    • Do you enjoy the convenience of accessing your accounts online?
    • Do you feel you'd have a better likelihood of meeting your financial goals with the support of professionally managed accounts?
    • Do you desire personalized coaching with an advisor to help you with your financial decisions?
    • Are you willing to pay a small fee for someone to manage your money and help you with your financial planning needs?

    If you answered yes to these questions and have at least $25,000 to invest, then Personalized Planning & Advice may be a fit for you!

  • What's a robo advisor?

    A robo advisor is an affordable digital financial service that uses technology to help automate investing based on information investors provide about themselves and their financial situation. "Robo" refers to these services being almost completely digital, and that computers, smartphones, or tablets are used to access and interact with your accounts. "Advisor" speaks to the investment advisors that offer digital advice and account management services, often for a lower fee than traditional investment advisory services.

  • What's a hybrid robo advisor?

    A hybrid robo advisor is a service that typically combines a professionally managed account (through the help of a robo advisory service) with access to financial guidance or planning. For many hybrid robo advisors, the guidance and planning services are available through phone or video calls with human financial advisors. By meeting over the phone and through computer or app-based video conferencing, these services can come at a lower cost than meeting in person with a traditional financial advisor.

  • How do robo advisors work?

    Robo advisors use various pieces of information about an investor to suggest an investment strategy. In most cases, you'll first be asked some questions online or through an app about yourself and your current financial situation. A robo advisor then uses that information to suggest an investment strategy for your financial goals. Investment strategies can include a mix of different types of investments and many robo advisors include account rebalancing services to help your investments stay in line with your financial goals and preferences.

  • How does coaching work?

    Your financial wellness is our priority. We want to help you navigate life's big decisions by giving you the flexibility to get advice when and how you need it. Our online coaching means 24/7 access to financial planning tools and curated articles relevant to your situation. Then, if you need to go deeper and want advice from our trained advisors, you can schedule a 30-minute coaching call on specific topics.

  • How does investment management work?

    You'll start by telling us about yourself and your individual financial goals—then we'll suggest an investment strategy for your account. We'll then manage your money in accordance with that goal, helping you track your progress and providing coaching calls along the way.

  • Can I convert an existing Fidelity brokerage or retirement account to a Fidelity Go® or Fidelity® Personalized Planning & Advice account instead of opening a new one?

    If you have an eligible Fidelity brokerage or retirement account, you can convert it to either Fidelity Go® or Fidelity® Personalized Planning & Advice. When converting an account, the existing account number will remain the same, along with other features like beneficiary designations, automatic deposits, and automatic withdrawals, if applicable.

    If you choose to open an account, we'll display any Fidelity accounts that are eligible to be converted. Only certain accounts can be converted at this time.

  • What happens after I enroll?

    We begin our relationship with the most important part: getting to know you. Your online profile helps us understand your goals—and we'll also gauge your current financial needs. From there, we'll propose an investment strategy, as well as recommend next steps to help you improve your financial health.

  • What if my needs change?

    Life takes turns—and we want to know all about them. At least once a year, we'll ask you to review your information, checking in with you to make sure nothing major in your life has changed. If necessary, we can adjust your investment strategy to help ensure it's consistent with your new situation. And remember, this is a relationship. So, as your needs change, let us know and we may update your investment strategy to align with your new goals. We encourage you not to wait until your next annual review to contact us!