New York Life Premier Variable Annuity–P Series with Investment Preservation Rider–P Series

This deferred variable annuity is designed to help you build your retirement savings by providing growth potential and protection of your initial investment.

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Guarantees 105% of your initial investment at the end of the 10-year holding period, regardless of market performance (less the impact of any withdrawals or resetting of the benefit)1

Growth potential

Potential to grow your assets and outpace inflation with Fidelity® VIP FundsManager® 60%2


Access your account value as needed3 (surrender charges may apply4 and guaranteed amount will be reduced) and provide a legacy for your beneficiaries.5

Rider reset Your guaranteed amount is equal to 105% of your initial investment. On every contract anniversary, you have the option to reset the guaranteed amount if the account value has increased, which would establish a new 10-year holding period and may increase or decrease the Investment Preservation Rider–P Series (IPR) charge.6
Annual fees
  • Total annuity charges: 1.90%
  • Fund fees also apply

Minimum investment


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