Rewards overview

When you use your Fidelity® Rewards Visa Signature® Credit Card, you can earn cash back on every eligible net purchase.1 Fidelity makes it easy to deposit your cash back into eligible Fidelity accounts.2

Accessing the Rewards Center*

From the Manage cash & cards page on, you can view your total available points or cash earned over the previous 12 months, or see whether or not you’ve configured auto redemption. For additional functionality, you can go directly to the Rewards Center by clicking "Manage rewards" below your available rewards points. Depending on whether or not you have auto redemption enabled, the button will show "Turn on auto redeem," "Redeem" or "Manage rewards."

You can also access more details on cash back earned over the last 12 months by clicking the "Rewards" tab below your account summary information. Click "Manage rewards points" to be taken to the Rewards Center to manage auto redemption, update account deposit information, or explore reward options.

*Available on web browser only; not currently available in the Fidelity mobile app.

Accessing the rewards center

Adding an eligible account for cash rewards

To start redeeming your cash back rewards, you'll need to add an eligible Fidelity account.2

Once you're in the Rewards Center on a web browser, select " Redeem now", then from the "Manage Accounts" tab, select "Add new account." Enter your Fidelity account number, including all letters and numbers, and a nickname that will help you identify your Fidelity Rewards account.

You can add up to 5 accounts, and even split up your rewards among multiple accounts. Eligible accounts may receive a minimum of 20% of your rewards, or a maximum of 100%.

Adding an eligible account for cash rewards

Redemption options

Use auto redeem to see your cash build up on autopilot

If you want, your points can also be automatically converted to a cash deposit into any eligible Fidelity account. Once you reach 2,500 points, all your points will be converted to cash at the close of the billing cycle and deposited into the account or accounts of your choice.

Redeem on demand

Even if you have auto redemption configured, once you’ve reached 2,500 points you can redeem your points for cash at any time. From the Rewards Center, click "Redeem now" or "Get started" depending on whether you’ set up auto redemption. Select the "On demand" tab and follow the steps to enter the amounts and accounts you want to have your cash deposited.

Other redemption options

In the Rewards Center, you can redeem points for things like gift cards, a statement credit, merchandise, or travel. Simply select the category tab from across the top of the page to browse available merchandise. Please be aware that the redemption value is different if you choose to redeem your points for rewards other than cash back to a Fidelity account.

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