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We'll help you identify optimized strategies for your trade ideas.

Manage your strategies

We'll alert you before your options expire and provide the next set of opportunities.

Enhance your options trading with OptionsPlay Strategies

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Covered calls

Covered calls can help generate potential income from positions you own. Use OptionsPlay to identify, compare, and select covered call opportunities that are right for you.

Learn more about covered calls

See how this strategy can help you potentially generate income based on your portfolio holdings.

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Short puts

Short puts can lower your investment risk and may help you acquire stocks or ETFs for less. OptionsPlay makes it easier to find short put opportunities that are aligned with your objectives.

Learn more about short puts

See how this strategy can help you potentially generate income, manage risk, and buy stocks at a discount.

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Long calls and puts

Long calls and puts can give you an opportunity to potentially profit from the movement of the underlying stock, while limiting your downside risk. Use OptionsPlay to help you identify and evaluate long call opportunities.

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Free 30-day trial.
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Then $34.99/month plus applicable tax. Cancel any time.

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