Sustainable Investing at Fidelity

Fidelity active sustainable funds prioritize one or more ESG factors in their fundamental research and investment disciplines.

ESG research at Fidelity is guided by the same intellectual rigor and proprietary analysis that shapes all of our active management capabilities, and these enhancements enable our ESG research engine to reflect Fidelity's size and scale. Our commitment to proprietary ESG research reflects our steadfast focus on helping our customers and clients meet their financial objectives and sustainability goals.

Principles that guide our approach

Investment Performance

As with all our portfolios, we maintain a focus on consistent investment performance.


Our proprietary research focuses on financially material ESG factors.

Cross-asset class collaboration

Our differentiated investing process is supported by collaborative proprietary ESG research across asset classes.


We engage with issuers as part of our ESG research and stewardship initiatives.

Participating in the Dialogue in the Sustainable Investing Industry

Our commitment to sustainable investing

We have joined several external organizations to aid in our efforts to promote sustainable investing and support ESG transparency.

Stewardship principles and proxy voting

We see stewardship as a critical tool for addressing material risks and opportunities in portfolios to help generate long-term value creation for our customers. Fidelity has a set of stewardship principles to guide its stewardship efforts, including proxy voting.

Our goal as investment stewards is to provide clear guidance on what ESG factors we believe are financially material to each company and to engage and vote accordingly. Therefore, to engage and vote more effectively on the growing number of submitted shareholder proposals, we developed a decision-making framework to ensure that the resolutions we are voting on are financially material, relevant, and provide valuable information to shareholders.

The responsibility to vote on ballot items is an important and integral part of our ESG stewardship and research. Fidelity has a uniform set of proxy voting guidelines, but all our mutual funds have the flexibility to vote individual proxies based on an assessment of each situation.

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