Fidelity Freedom® Funds

Fidelity Freedom® Funds, also called target date funds, are single-fund investment strategies that can help take the guesswork out of building and maintaining an age-based retirement portfolio.

Reasons to consider Fidelity Freedom Funds

  • Single-fund strategy
  • Structured and disciplined management of a diversified portfolio
  • Automatically adjusting, age-based asset allocation

Find Freedom Funds

Each Freedom Fund name includes a date, which can help investors to choose the fund that represents their anticipated year of retirement. For example, the Fidelity Freedom® 2030 Fund is for investors expecting to retire in approximately 2030. Freedom Funds invest in a collection of underlying Fidelity mutual funds that provide exposure to multiple asset classes, creating a diversified portfolio of investments. The funds are offered in five-year increments, up to the Fidelity Freedom® 2060 Fund. Even after the target date passes, the asset allocation of the funds continues to become more conservative.

How Fidelity manages Freedom Funds

Choosing a Fidelity Freedom Fund

Once you click Submit, the Fidelity Freedom Fund managed closest to the year you entered will appear, along with its current target asset allocation. You will be able to see how the Freedom Fund's asset allocation strategy becomes more conservative by reducing its equity exposure as the fund's target date approaches and beyond. The stated asset allocations may be subject to change.