Fidelity Freedom® Funds

Fidelity Freedom® Funds, also called target date funds, can help you grow your savings to help you live the life you want in retirement.


Why invest in Fidelity Freedom® Funds?


Choose the fund that best represents your anticipated year of retirement.


Each Freedom Fund is a single fund solution that includes a mix of equities, bonds, and short-term assets.


Invest with the security of knowing your portfolio is managed by Fidelity.

How do I choose a Freedom Fund?

The "target date" of a target date fund is the anticipated year of retirement: each of our 14 Fidelity Freedom Funds has a year in its name.

Choose a Fidelity Freedom Fund based on the year you expect to retire. You don't need to adjust your asset allocation over time because Fidelity Freedom Funds become more conservative the closer you get to retirement.

Adjust the interactive widget below to the number of years until you want to retire, then click Submit.

The displayed Freedom Fund's asset allocation, which may be subject to change, reduces its equity exposure as the fund's target date approaches, thus becoming more conservative.

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