Monitor your portfolio with Google Assistant

Stay connected to your financial world anytime, anywhere. Get quotes as well as updates on your positions and portfolio using any Google Assistant enabled device such as Android phone, Google Home, or iOS device with the Google Assistant app.


Check on your portfolio
Get account information
Review your positions
How else can Google AssistantTM help you?

“Hey Google, check how my stocks are doing today.”

“Hey Google, how’s my trading account doing?”

“Hey Google, check my mutual funds.”

Getting Started

  1. Using any device connected to Google Assistant, ask your Assistant to “check my Fidelity portfolio.”
  2. The assistant will then ask you to link your Fidelity account by logging in. Your account information is not stored with Google.
  3. Once your Fidelity account is linked to Google Assistant, you can start to ask your questions.

Should you need to unlink your account, just log in to Fidelity Access to revoke access.


Fidelity and Google take your data security and privacy seriously. That’s why we employ world-class measures to keep your information safe.

Learn about Fidelity’s online security and privacy policy.

Learn about what Google does to safeguard speech data.