Save More

If you don’t have much to cut in your budget, or just want to accelerate your savings, you may want to consider increasing your income by asking for a raise, switching jobs, or adding a side hustle.

See how the numbers can add up

If you save an extra


a week

You'll have an extra


in 6 years

And your spending is


per month

You just bought yourself an extra

days of retirement

These numbers are pure savings, without any interest—imagine if this money had been invested!

Side hustles

Not sure where to start for a side hustle?

If you have lots of energy...

  • Freelance write or edit
  • Tutor
  • Wait tables
  • Walk dogs

If you have an asset...

If you're crafty...

Earn More

“I don’t take a salary from the business—I reinvest it into real estate. It paid for our first home down payment.”

Jessica started a small beauty business out of her kitchen and is now earning over $20,000 a month. Her day job covers her living expenses, and she puts the extra cash [from her side business] straight into her FI/RE fund.

Jessica’s goal is to buy five rental properties with her side hustle—and then to live off of the rental income. After she retires early, she plans to travel more often and spend more time outdoors camping and backpacking with her husband.

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