Customer Service FAQs: Account Security

How we keep your information secure

  • How secure is my account information?

    To protect your information and assets, Fidelity employs extensive physical, electronic, and procedural security controls, regularly adapting them as technology and threats evolve. Learn more about Online Security at Fidelity.

  • What should I do if I notice unauthorized activity on my account?

    If you detect any errors or discrepancies, or suspect unauthorized activity in your account, please contact us promptly at 800-343-3548. We are proud to offer our Customer Protection Guarantee. We will reimburse your Fidelity account for any losses due to unauthorized activity. Learn more about the Fidelity Customer Protection Guarantee.

  • Why do I need cookies to log in to Fidelity?

    Without cookies, your browser would be unable to remember that you were logged in, and you'd have to reenter your SSN or username and password for every page you viewed. For more information about how Fidelity uses cookies, see our Privacy Policy.

  • What are Extended Validation Certificates?

    Fidelity uses Extended Validation (EV) Certificates as an additional security measure. EV Certificates are issued to websites only after rigorous validation of their identity. Web browsers reflect this higher level of identity assurance with prominent and distinct trust indicators, such as the green address bar in Internet Explorer® and Mozilla® Firefox®, and advanced green indicators in the latest versions of Opera and Google ChromeTM.