Fidelity SimpliSpeakSM

Use your voice. Without a call.

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How it works

Fidelity SimpliSpeakSM uses your natural speaking voice for account access and much more—all in a seamless, touchless setting through your microphone-enabled digital devices.


  • Highly secure and easy to use
  • Works on your digital devices
  • No phone calls or passwords needed

Get started now—it takes less than 2 minutes


Create a unique voiceprint by recording yourself speaking for 45 seconds.


SimpliSpeakSM verifies your voiceprint with a shorter voice sample—also from you.


SimpliSpeakSM can now authenticate you using just a few seconds of your voice.

SimpliSpeakSM — Fidelity's latest innovation

Our revolutionary new voice biometric solution simplifies and streamlines account access, saving our customers time and empowering them with unprecedented account self-service—all with peace of mind through industry-leading security. Fidelity is driving innovation and we're proving it again with SimpliSpeakSM.

Fidelity SimpliSpeakSM FAQs