Full View®

Full View lets you access your online financial information in one place so you can easily monitor your entire portfolio, including investments, retirement, and credit card accounts.


Get a complete picture of your financial life.

With simple-to-use features and streamlined views, Full View makes it easy to take control of your finances. And it's all free for Fidelity customers!

Why use Full View?

Consolidate all your accounts

View a single page with your Fidelity and non-Fidelity accounts.

Track your net worth over time

Monitor your entire portfolio and get a detailed view of your total net worth.

Create and manage your own budget

Use budgeting and reporting tools to set goals, track spending, and categorize expenses.

View all recent transactions

Manage your cash flow with a bird's-eye view of all your transactions.

Integrate with Fidelity planning tools

Use our comprehensive planning tools to analyze your complete financial picture.

Use anytime, anywhere

Access Full View features via user-friendly mobile website experience.


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